Wednesday, August 04, 2021

Cheap material could help convert waste heat into electricity
NASA begins launch preparations for first mission to the Trojan asteroids
NASA Says Cold Shadows on the Lunar Surface Can Explain Moon Water Mystery
NASA science chief says it’s OK to be “worried” or “terrified” about Webb
Time travel: five ways that we could do it
Future Space Travel Might Require Mushrooms
The ISS Backflipped Out of Control After Russian Module Misfired, New Details Reveal
Capitalist Solution to a Globalist Pandemic
Abraham Accords March On Despite Biden’s Hesitation

Tuesday, August 03, 2021

Starbase Factory Tour with Elon Musk [Part 1]

House Report Contains Shocking Detail about the Wuhan Lab
Starbase Surge sees SpaceX speed ahead with Booster 4 and Ship 20
The billionaires' space race is just the beginning
The Moon's 'Roughness' Could Be Hiding Water in Shadows, NASA Says
NASA chief excited for Starliner launch, touts importance of competition
A So-Called Game-Changing Weight Loss Drug Is Here—So What Happens Next?
The FDA Finally Gets Moving on Pfizer
Capitalist Solution to a Globalist Pandemic

Monday, August 02, 2021

SpaceX installed 29 Raptor engines on a Super Heavy rocket last night

White House names space policy chief, sets commercial space as a top priority

A much better pick than some they were thinking of.

Nauka module’s near miss raises concerns about future of space station
$100M gift from Irvine Co.’s Bren powers Caltech space electricity idea
People first drove on the Moon 50 years ago today
SpaceX and Starlink: How they're involved in latest breakthrough in Bible translation
The Pro-America Disney Show You Need to See Before It’s Canceled
California’s Progressive Fall Guy
The Senate’s Infrastructure Rush Job

Sunday, August 01, 2021

Space Force eyes solar-powered vehicles for operations near the moon
The billionaires' space race is just the beginning

The suborbital jaunts accomplished by Richard Branson and Bezos were not just expressions of egos. They constituted the next steps in the creation of a brand-new industry, space tourism. Their main rival, SpaceX’s Elon Musk, is already planning flights of his Crew Dragon with private passengers willing to pay lots of money for an out-of-this-world experience in low Earth orbit. The first of these missions, Inspiration4, is being mounted to raise money for St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital. Branson and Musk will charge a little less money for a few minutes of weightlessness and the best view of the Earth most have ever experienced.

Brownsville officials say tourism is slowly recovering, local business point to SpaceX
1 year after launch, NASA's Perseverance rover prepares to collect 1st sample on Mars
Bacon may disappear in California as pig rules take effect
Robotic police dogs: Useful hounds or dehumanizing machines?
Sarah Palin Speaks Out About Possible Senate Run: 'You Guys Better Be There for Me This Time'

Friday, July 30, 2021

U.N. climate panel confronts implausibly hot forecasts of future warming
China's Zhurong rover reaches complex terrain on Mars
Space start-up Varda, founded by SpaceX and Founders Fund veterans, aims to build factories in orbit
Nelson remains hopeful Congress will provide additional lunar lander funding

Our Time Press, which I am told is the largest black owned newspaper in Brooklyn, has just picked up my piece about Major Robert Lawrence, the first black astronaut.

Also, what if Robert Lawrence had lived?: A Brother on the Moon

Russia rocket mishap briefly nudges International Space Station out of position
Jeff Bezos Is the Modern Day Howard Hughes, But Better
Is Joe Biden Sinking?
The U.S. Should Send a President to Space
UFOs May Be Earthly and Dangerous

Tuesday, July 27, 2021

Dubai is making rain with drones. Why aren't we?
Hubble finds water vapor on Jupiter’s moon Ganymede
Blue Origin has a secret project named “Jarvis” to compete with SpaceX
China is working on a relay satellite to support lunar polar missions
Japan is joining the push to return to the moon
Harvard-Led Team to Search for Extraterrestrial Space Tech and UFOs
Air Force Directed Energy Report Argues Defensive Force Fields May Be "Just On The Horizon"
Can we trust the climate scientists?
Antibodies from Sinovac's COVID-19 shot fade after about 6 months
How to Avert Disaster in Afghanistan