Monday, October 03, 2022

New AI tool can generate videos from text inputs, and it’s cool and scary
Swedish scientist who sequenced the genome of Neanderthals wins Nobel Prize in Medicine
The Challenge of Cracking Iran’s Internet Blockade
Mexico plans $4-$5 bln LNG hub at Gulf port, president says
The Gabriella Novels #CommissionEarned
Astronomers Think They Know The Reason For Uranus's Kooky Off-Kilter Axis
The Taliban Are Planning Their Move On Central Asia
Trump goes cuckoo over Cocaine Mitch — Sad!

Sunday, October 02, 2022

After NASA’s test to deflect asteroid threats, it’s time to better detect what is coming

Two of the strongest human emotions are fear and greed. The former will motivate us to develop a planetary defense against asteroids and comets. The latter will spur us on to tap the riches these space rocks contain for the betterment of humankind.

Update - The Washington Post agrees with me: NASA’s asteroid-hitting mission is a call to action

Furious Russian conscripts turn on their commander: Top officer 'is beaten after telling reservists ''you are all cannon fodder, you are facing slaughter'' as video shows punch-up in make-shift barracks
Unlike Trump, DeSantis is showing a populist can be presidential in a crisis
The culture war inside the space program
China Wants New Partners For Its Moon Missions As Its Relationship With Russia Cools
Missing element for life may be present in ocean of Saturn's moon Enceladus
A Brother on the Moon #CommissionEarned
Ron DeSantis working with Elon Musk’s StarLink to restore internet in areas battered by Hurricane Ian
Teams Confirm No Damage to Artemis Flight Hardware, Focus on November for Launch
NASA’s Ingenuity Helicopter Spots Foreign Object Debris on Mars

Thursday, September 29, 2022

Researchers develop scaffold implant that mimics the spinal cord
3D-printed cornea innovation can become a beacon of hope for millions with eye problems
'Historic moment' in race to beat Alzheimer's: Experimental brain plaque-busting drug 'significantly slows decline of patients battling early stages of the disease'
Faricimab Offers New and Improved Options for Patients with Severe Retinal Vascular Disease
Scientists Create AI-Powered Laser Turret That Kills Cockroaches
Harnessing the Glymphatic System to Improve Brain Health
Fresh images reveal fireworks when NASA spacecraft ploughed into asteroid
NASA and AI Space Factory Develop a 3D Printed Lunar Structure
Swarms of swimming robots may soon explore alien seas
‘Bit of panic’: Astronomers forced to rethink early Webb telescope findings
The Moon Mars and Beyond #CommissionEarned
Magnitude Reveals a New Target for Aging Therapeutics
How Big Will the GOP House Majority Be After the Midterms?
America’s Pacific Island Comeback

Wednesday, September 28, 2022

3D-printed cornea innovation can become a beacon of hope for millions with eye problems
New house 3D printing concept blends concrete and wood for cheap, sustainable buildings
God help the people of Florida, particularly my Aunt Janet in Orlando.
Hurricane Ian delays SpaceX's Crew-5 astronaut launch to Oct. 4
As Hurricane Ian closes in, NASA weighs options for Artemis 1 moon rocket launch
Why is America Going Back to the Moon #CommissionEarned
Another Ghostly Spiral Galaxy Revealed by JWST
Wave of Fusion Energy Experiments Begin With Groundbreaking Machine
First electronic skin with a mesh structure for long-term attachment with no discomfort