Sunday, May 26, 2024

‘We found the missing link’: Energy storage breakthrough could charge electronics in 60 seconds!
NASA should let a commercial mission save Hubble

Jared Isaacman, the billionaire entrepreneur behind the recent Inspiration4 commercial space mission and the upcoming Polaris Dawn private space flight, would like to save the Hubble Space Telescope on his own dime. All he needs is for NASA to approve such a mission.

However, according to NPR, some managers at the space agency, far from being excited, expressed concerns in emails obtained by the news organization.

US FDA approves world’s first AI-powered skin cancer detecting device
Iron cathodes make lithium batteries cheaper, safer, more sustainable
A new material creates clean electricity from the air around it
What will we eat on the Moon? The food is literally out of this world
SpaceX sets early June launch of next Starship test flight
Straight Out of Sci-Fi: NASA Advances Six Pioneering Space Technologies for Tomorrow
NASA and ISRO continue discussions about Indian astronaut flight to ISS
Safety comes 1st for Artemis moon missions despite 'space race' with China, NASA chief says
Massive new NASA exoplanet catalog unveils 126 extreme and exotic worlds
The Gabriella Doria Stories (3 book series) #CommissionEarned
Rethinking The Climate Crisis: Where Did We Go Wrong? (Prof. Judith Curry)
These lads built a functional Dune stillsuit to recycle their breath and sweat into drinking water
Trump’s hand of friendship bit by members of Libertarian Party

Saturday, May 25, 2024

A billionaire hopes to upgrade the Hubble Telescope on a private SpaceX mission, but could it really happen?
Green activists don’t care how many people will die from zero fossil fuel use
Stop Making Plane Turbulence About Climate Change
Humanity Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Say Hello to Aliens
NASA finds more issues with Boeing’s Starliner, but crew launch set for June 1
New soft robotic arm can help stroke patients, revolutionize physiotherapy
Alabama Sues to Stop California’s Climate-Change Power Grab
Children of Apollo (3 book series) #CommissionEarned
Kenya’s Rise to ‘Major Non-NATO Ally’
Another Anti-Israel Ruling in The Hague
Alvin Bragg Hasn’t Proved His Case in the Trump Trial

Friday, May 24, 2024

Why older adults are getting smarter than before: insights from new research
Scientists create tiny robots from human cells that can heal neuron tissue
Yay! Time for Another Brandon Johnson Hissy Fit - ShotSpotter Edition
SpaceX Weighs Plan to Sell Shares at $200 Billion Valuation
NASA space telescope finds Earth-size exoplanet that's 'not a bad place' to hunt for life
NASA defends Artemis cost and schedule amid planning of possible changes
Genetically Engineered Microbes Could Transform Agriculture
A Brother on the Moon #CommissionEarned
Why is ergothioneine the so-called longevity vitamin
Teach Your Children to Love America
Britain’s Tories Face the Election Music

Thursday, May 23, 2024

Microsoft, Providence and UW make use of generative AI for digital cancer diagnosis
International planet hunters unveil massive catalog of strange worlds
If Trump outlines his national security team now, he will lock in millions of votes in the Fall
Haley says she will vote for Trump, calls Biden ‘a catastrophe’
The next astronauts to go to the moon are using Flagstaff as their training grounds
Dyson spheres: astronomers report potential candidates for alien megastructures – here’s what to make of it
NASA’s Psyche mission fires up its futuristic electric engines
Biden not fooling voters on economy
How worried should we be about Russia putting a nuke in space?
World’s first head transplant system revealed – but can it be done?
The Last Moonwalker and Other Stories #CommissionEarned
MIT scientists learn how to control muscles with light
First ‘bilingual’ brain-reading device decodes Spanish and English words
The Israelis Prove Biden Wrong on Rafah

Wednesday, May 22, 2024

Can coal mines be tapped for rare earth elements?
Dominican Republic considering its own commercial spaceport
China's Chang'e 6 mission gearing up for early June landing on moon's far side
Red Lobster says it is not going out of business after filing for bankruptcy
Campus Is Not Reality – Harvard-Harris Poll Shows Americans Overwhelmingly Hate Hamas and Love Israel
We take a stab at decoding SpaceX’s ever-changing plans for Starship in Florida
SpaceX nears next Starship test flight as Starbase expansion continues
NASA orders yet another delay for Boeing's hard-luck Starliner
Alvin, the iconic research submersible, plunges deeper than ever
Nova explosion visible to the naked eye expected any day now
Mars rover mission will use pioneering nuclear power source
Why is America Going Back to the Moon (How America went to the moon, stopped, and is returning again) #CommissionEarned
You Say ‘Trickle Down’ as if It’s a Bad Thing
Vindicating Mike Turner on Space Nukes
The School-Choice Primary Runoffs in Texas

Tuesday, May 21, 2024

We take a stab at decoding SpaceX’s ever-changing plans for Starship in Florida
Forget everything you know about aging: here’s how to wind back your biological clock
'Hidden structures' discovered deep beneath the dark side of the moon
Computer models show heat waves in north Pacific may be due to China reducing aerosols
Architecting lunar infrastructure
Biden Lawsuit Against Sheetz Gas Will Enrage Pennsylvania Voters
Dune: Part Two (Blu-ray + Digital) #CommissionEarned
Economics of nuclear power: The France-Germany divide explained
The Limitations of AI
Can coal mines be tapped for rare earth elements?
Seven Dyson Sphere Candidates
The Moon, Mars, and Beyond: Two Tales from the Coming Space Age #CommissionEarned
Biden to Morehouse Graduates: America Hates You
Helping the Iranian People After Ebrahim Raisi’s Death
The ICC Disgraces Itself Over Israel

Monday, May 20, 2024

Carbon fixation explained: the hidden hero of photosynthesis
Space Force plans deep-dive study on pros and cons of orbital refueling
What a blast to work at NASA. Space agency is sky-high again in latest survey of federal employees
Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi dead after helicopter crash: State media
EV Critical Minerals Tax Credit Should Prioritize U.S. Mineral Production
Why is it So Hard to Go Back to the Moon? (How America went to the moon, stopped, and is returning again) #CommissionEarned
Gut microbes linked to fatty diet drive tumour growth
Were Egypt's pyramids built on branch of the Nile River that dried up?
Gavin Newsom’s Battleground Gift to Donald Trump

Sunday, May 19, 2024

Blue Origin launches six tourists to the edge of space after nearly two-year hiatus
Moon settlement concepts could open the door for our first lunar city

Thanks to the Artemis program, the United States and international and commercial partners will return astronauts to the moon in a few years. But, going beyond brief sorties to the lunar surface, what are the plans for a permanent base or settlement?

Returning to the moon requires commitment to science education on Earth
Musk Arrives in Indonesia to Inaugurate Starlink With President
NASA-funded pulsed plasma rocket concept aims to send astronauts to Mars in 2 months
The Gabriella Doria Stories (3 book series) #CommissionEarned
NASA, ESA join forces on life-hunting ExoMars rover
Space exploration is not a luxury, it’s a necessity
Meet Mammoth, the world’s largest vacuum that now sucks thousands of tons of carbon out of the air

Saturday, May 18, 2024

The 90's AVENGERS - Teaser Trailer | Tom Cruise, Johnny Depp | AI Concept

90's LORD OF THE RINGS - Teaser Trailer | Mel Gibson, Sean Connery | Ret...

Schmaybe 50 Tunnels Crossing Into Their Country Why Egypt So Riled About Rafah?
New Report Reveals Just How Energy Rich America Really Is
SpaceX, Blue Origin Vie To Expand Mars-Earth Interplanetary Internet
NASA's Mars sample return mission is in trouble. Could a single SLS megarocket be the answer?
Alzheimer's Could Be Caused by Brain Cells That Age Too Fast
Mars might have an asteroid problem
Children of Apollo (3 book series) #CommissionEarned
‘Extremely Alarmed’: Strategists Break Down Major Red Flag For Democrats In Latest Polling
Democrats’ Last Chance to Dump Biden?