Thursday, March 31, 2011

Obama Following Unlikely Footsteps of Bush, Reagan
Sundance Cinemas to Renovate Angelika Space in Houston
New NATO Rules of Engagemeny Allow Bombing of Libyan Rebels
NATO, which recently took over control of operations in Libya, has just announced new rules of engagement that would allow NATO aircraft to bomb Libyan rebels should they be caught attacking pro Gadhafi civilians.
Mussa Kussa, Libya's Defecting Foreign Minister, Has Shady Past
Mussa Kussa, the Libyan foreign minister who defected to Great Britain, has a rather sordid past, both as Libyan ambassador to Great Britain and as Libya's terrorism chief. This has caused the British not to grant him immunity from prosecution.
Gabrielle Giffords for Senate Run Mulled by Staffers, Democratic Politicians
p. Gabrielle Giffords is still struggling to regain her physical and mental faculties at the Memorial Herman TIRR rehab center, but some of her supporters have started to fantasize a Giffords for U.S. Senate campaign next year.
Arnold Schwarzenegger as 'The Governator' -- Real or April Fool's Joke?
Bending reality and superhero fantasy, Marvel Comics' Stan Lee and none other than Arnold Schwarzenegger are teaming up to create a comic book and an animated series around a new superhero: The Governator. Real or April Fool's joke?
'Justified' Season 2 Episode 8 'Spoil'
In "Justified" Season 2 Episode 8 "Spoil," it looks like an epic clash for the future of Harlan County and who will wind up getting rich is being set up. This clash will involve lies, more lies, and gun fire.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Columbia Astronauts' Spouses Want to Bring a Shuttle Home to Houston
An Irish Setter Dad takes on the Tiger Mother and rips her a new one.
Israel: Build Seaport, Airport on Artificial Island Off Gaza Coast
An Israeli cabinet minister has revealed a proposal to enhance Gaza's capacity to import goods such as food and humanitarian supplies that it needs to survive while at the same time choke off the flow of arms and munitions.
What Happened when Reagan Lived and What If He Had Died 30 Years Ago
Thirty years ago today, March 30, a disturbed young man named John Hinckley levied a .22 caliber revolver and fired six shots outside the Washington Hilton Hotel. All in all he managed to hit four men before being subdued.
Barack Obama, Sarah Palin Argue Over Energy Policy
With the Middle East in chaos and the price of oil soaring, President Barack Obama decided that it was time for another speech on energy policy. The proposals in the
speech were reasonable, but the reality, as Sarah Palin points out, is wide of the rhetoric.
Libyan Rebels Retreat in See-Saw Civil War
A couple of days after President Barack Obama made a speech laying out what he saw as the rationale and goals of the Libyan intervention, the Libyan rebels reeled before an onslaught of pro Gadhafi forces.
Syria's Assad Faces Human Rights Protesters
President Basher Assad of Syria, faced with the sort of popular uprising that has toppled governments across the Middle East, addressed his people today in which he offered no concessions and blamed the protests on "conspirators."
NASA Engineers Work on Project Morpheus to Build a Lunar Lander
According to a story in Fox News, a group of engineers at NASA's Johnson Space Center, acting pretty much on their own, with almost no funding, have created a test article of a lunar lander. They intend to test the vehicle on May 4.
Quinnipiac Poll: Obama Lowest Approval, Reelect Numbers Ever
The Quinnipiac Poll, which gives President Barack Obama a 42 percent approval rating and a 48 percent disapproval rating, demonstrates that the president's post-Tucson Massacre bump is over and he is in serious trouble.
Bill Maher Unapologetic for Slurs Against Sarah Palin
Bill Maher, the host of the HBO show "Real Time," was unapologetic about calling Sarah Palin names that refer to the female genitalia as well as, along with Michele Bachman, a bimbo during an appearance on "Hardball."

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Farley Granger, Star of 'Rope' And 'Strangers On a Train,' Dies at 85
Farley Granger, whose acting career spanned about six decades and graced the big and small screens as well as the stage, died at the age of 85 in New York. Granger is best known for two films he did with Alfred Hitchcock.
Fighting Fires with Electricity
The primary method of suppressing a fire consists of pouring lots of water on it; this has been true since the days of Ancient Rome. Foam and other chemicals are also uses, especially to suppress electrical fires.
Congress Looks for Sources for Extra NASA Funding
One of the problems NASA faces in complying with the dictates of the 2012 NASA Authorization Bill, especially where it concerns the shuttle derived heavy lift launch vehicle, is a lack of money to develop the rocket by the 2016 deadline.
Donald Trumps Obama Birth Certifcate Problem
Real estate developer and media personality Donald Trump is seriously thinking of running for president. However, he is pursuing an unserious issue concerning President Barack Obama's birth certificate and in the process has called attention to his own.
'Stargate: Universe' Season 2 Episode 14 'Hope'
In "Stargate: Universe" Season 2 Episode 14 "Hope," one learns that once again when one lives in a science fiction universe, death can be only temporary and loves once thought lost can be found again, even beyond the grave.
Report: Bill Maher Calls Sarah Palin Another Vile Name
According to a report in The Daily Caller, Bill Maher, the host of HBO's "Real Time," made an appearance at Dallas' Winspear's Opera House and called former Alaska Gov.
Sarah Palin another vulgar, obscene name.
What to Do with a Problem like Gadhafi?
In his speech at the National Defense University on the Libyan intervention, President Barack Obama made several references to Libya dictator Moammar Gadhafi and the fact it would be better all around if he were gone.
Obama Sounds an Uncertain Trumpet in Libya
President Barack Obama delivered a somewhat mushy, sometimes incoherent speech before a live audience at the National Defense University Monday night laying out the justification for the "kinetic military action" in Libya.
Going to L1 and/or L2 Between Earth and the Moon
Space-policy planners are casting about for a destination for future astronaut explorers beyond low Earth orbit. In an article in Space Review, Dan Lester, an astronomer at the University of Texas, has hit upon the Earth/Moon L1 and L2 points.
Despite Public Support, Legalized Gambling Stymied in Texas Legislature
The Texas Gaming Association has released a poll suggesting that 86 percent of Texans would like to have a vote on whether to allow casinos and slot machines at race tracks and Indian reservations. The prospect of such of vote is dim, however.
Palin Finds Obama's Libya Speech 'Profoundly Disappointing'
No one would be particularly surprised to learn that former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin was unhappy with President Obama's Libya speech delivered Monday night at the National Defense University.
NASA Must Spend $1.4 Million a Day on the Undead Constellation Program
One of the more annoying phenomenon that has plagued the American space program in the wake of President Barack Obama's cancellation of the Constellation program is that the program to go back to the moon seems neither to be dead or alive.
'Baby Jessica' of Midland, Texas, Turns 25
Besides George W. Bush, the most famous person born in Midland, Texas, is Jessica McClure Morales, known to all the world as "Baby Jessica" due to her having been stuck in an 8-inch wide well casing at the age of 18 months in 1987.
What to Do About the Growing Syrian Uprising?
The uprising in Syria seems to have spread from Deraa, with reports of demonstrations and a subsequent government crackdown in the port city of Latakia. Demonstrations may also occur in Damascus itself next.
Environmentalists Fight with Other Environmentalists Over Green Energy
The Obama administration's push for green energy is beset with a number of problems, chief among them the economics of wind and solar technologies that are not yet mature. But another problem the plan has is opposition from environmentalists.
Geraldine Ferraro's Political Sisters, Before and After 1984
aldine Ferraro is rightly remembered as a pioneer in politics due to the fact she was the first woman to run for vice president on a major party ticket. But there were a number of women who came before and after her in U.S. national politics.
Texas Rep. Culberson: Only 16 Percent of Illegal Immigrants Prosecuted
Texas Congressman John Culberson has compiled some disturbing numbers of the number of illegal aliens who are actually prosecuted under American immigration laws. Apparently 84 percent are never prosecuted.
Donald Trump Not the First CEO to Run for President
Donald Trump, a larger than life real estate developer and media personality, looks likely to make a serious run for the presidency. Trump is so far basing his campaign on economic populism and a demand to see President Barack Obama's birth certificate.

Monday, March 28, 2011

Jennifer Garner as Miss Marple? Well, since it is to be in the modern age, I suppose it really should be "Ms. Marple."
Will the Battle of Sirte Be the Stalingrad of the Libyan Civil War?
The U.K. Telegraph is suggesting that the Libyan town of Sirte, a stronghold of support for Moammar Gadhafi, will be such a tough objective for the Libyan rebels to take that it may constitute the "Stalingrad" of the Libyan civil war.
Paul Spudis's book is now out:

Neil Marshal Working on an Aliens Invade Earth During World War II Script
Neil Marshal, most famous for the British soldiers vs. werewolves horror film "Dog Soldiers" and the Ancient Roman epic "Centurion," has announced that his next project will be an alien invasion story set during World War II.
Second Reporter Sequestered by Biden Aides During Fund Raiser
Apparently Scott Powers was not the only reporter whom Joe Biden's staffers put into a "holding room" to keep him from mingling with guests at a fund raiser. Justin Fenton of the Baltimore Sun recounts a similar experience in March 2010.
Israel Begins to Deploy 'Iron Dome' Against Hamas Rocket Attacks
Renewed rocket attacks by Hamas from Gaza have caused Israel to begin the deployment of its Iron Dome missile defense system. Even though Iron Dome has been successfully tested, the early deployment is described as "experimental."

Sunday, March 27, 2011

Biden's Aides Lock Reporter in a Closet During Political Fundraiser
"Handling the press" took on an entirely new meaning at a recent fund raiser when aides for Vice President Joe Biden seized upon Orlando Sentinel reporter Scott Powers and locked him in a closet to stop him from talking to guests.
Leonard Nimoy Has Turned 80
Saturday, Leonard Nimoy, who created one of the most iconic characters in television history, Mr. Spock, turned 80. Spock has been a joy and a torment to the actor ever since he first appeared on the small screen 45 years ago.
Why the Coffee Party Failed While the Tea Party Succeeded
About a year ago, a group of liberals, alarmed at the rising power and influence of the tea party protest movement, founded something called the coffee party, which was supposed to be a left wing answer to the conservative oriented tea partiers.
Bill Maher Calls Sarah Palin, Michele Bachman 'Two Bimbos'
Apparently undeterred by the discontent caused by what he had called Sarah Palin the previous week, Bill Maher laid into Palin and Rep, Michele Bachmann on his "Real Time" HBO show Friday.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Private Research Experiments a New Market for Commercial Space
Unconstitutional Texas Anti-Sodomy Law Remains on the Books
Libyan Rebels Retake Ajdabiya, South of Benghazi, on the Road to Tripoli
Libyan rebel forces have retaken the town of Ajdabiya, which lays south down the coast road from the main rebel stronghold of Benghazi. The town, as typical of fighting in North Africa, has changed hands several times in the Libyan civil war.
Geraldine Ferraro, First Female Vice Presidential Candidate, Dead of Blood Cancer at 75
Geraldine Ferraro, a former congresswoman and Fox News contributor who was the first woman and Italian American to run as vice president of the United States, has died of blood cancer at the age of 75.
Katie Couric Soon to Be Out as Anchor of the CBS Evening News
Howard Kurtz, writing in The Daily Beast, is reporting Katie Couric will be gone as the anchor for the CBS Evening News by June, likely to be replaced by veteran newsman Scott Pelley.
Media Matters Declares War Against Fox News
Media Matters, the left wing media watchdog group, has dropped its mission of being a media critic, mostly of those it perceives as "right wing" venues, and has declared war on Fox News, according to a story in Politico.
'Sucker Punch' Film Review
Sucker Punch," directed by Zack Snyder of "300" and "Watchmen" fame, is one of the most bizarre, powerful, and at times horrific films I have seen in many a long year. It combined a simple plot with sensory overload imagery.

Friday, March 25, 2011

Most popular Spring Break buddy--Sarah Palin.
Selling NASA to the Younger Generation Through Hulu
Analysis: Recession, Not Texas Budget, Causing Job Losses
First Texans Lived North of Modern Austin, 17,000 Years Ago
'The Voyage,' AMC Drama About First Contact with Aliens, Under Development
AMC, which has tackled 1960s ad men, meth dealers, and undead zombies in other series, seems to be preparing a new TV series based upon first contact with aliens. John Shiban, who developed "Breaking Bad" for AMC, is developing a pilot.
Popular Game for Pakistani Children -- Suicide Bomber
Children in Pakistan have a new game to play. It's called "Suicide Bomber," and it seems the Taliban are just tickled at the phenomenon -- as well they should, as it tends to help train new recruits for their war against civilization.
Trailer for 'Captain America: The First Avenger' Now Out
The trailer for the next movie from the Marvel Comics superhero universe is out for "Captain America: The First Avenger." The scenes from the movie included in the trailer look good and hold lots of promise for a summer popcorn blockbuster.
Senator Kent Conrad Mulls Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax
Casting about to find more creative ways to take money from Americans, in a study commissioned by the Chairman of the Senate Budget Committee, the Congressional Budget Office proposed a "vehicle miles traveled" tax.
Sarah Palin Calls Bill Maher 'an Annoying Little Mosquito'
Sarah Palin posted a long message on her Facebook page that was a meditation on how a conservative in public life deals with a hostile, biased media. The advice that she is giving to herself is, for the most part, sound.
Obama's Libya Policy Causes Rising Discontent
President Barack Obama's political strategy for the war—er—kinetic military action in Libya has many analysts puzzled. While members of Congress raise questions, two commentators, Byron York and Peggy Noonan, give voice to discontent.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Mayor John Suttle of Omaha, Nebraska, Proposes Toilet Paper Tax
Mayor John Suttle of Omaha, Nebraska, has what he thinks is a great idea for raising money for cities like Omaha to pay for much needed sewage improvements. Suttle is proposing a federal 10 cents a roll tax on toilet paper.
HBO to Do Dick Cheney Miniseries
HBO, which hosts Bill Maher, is rapidly becoming a Republican-hating network. The latest news is that HBO is putting together a mini-series based on the book "Angler: The Cheney Vice Presidency," as well as a Frontline documentary called "Dark Side."
Nautilus-X the Movie:

Design of NASA's Launch Vehicle Takes Shape
N.Y. Rep. Anthony Weiner May Seek 'Obamacare' Waiver
'Kinetic Military Action' is Latest Euphemism for Killing People, Destroying Things
Jamie Gorelick to Be FBI Director?
Cyber News Service is reporting that none other than Jamie Gorelick, a former deputy attorney general in the Clinton administration and former vice chairman of Fannie Mae, is on the short list to be FBI director.
Palin on Libya: 'We Better Be in it to Win It. If There is Doubt We Get Out.'
Proving herself far more ready to be commander in chief than the current one, Sarah Palin told Greta Van Susteren her views on the Libyan "kinetic military action." Her analysis would have given credit to any graduate from the Army War College.
'Justified' Season 2 Episode 7 'Save My Love'
"Justified" Season 2 Episode 7 "Save My Love" begins with Winona, after an evening of hot sex with Raylan, realizing that they do not have the incriminating hundred dollar bill she stole after all.
Elizabeth Taylor was Rebecca in the Movie 'Ivanhoe'
One of the late Elizabeth Taylor's earlier roles was that of Rebecca, a Jewish girl living in late 12th century England who falls in love with the title character of the
1952 adaptation of "Ivanhoe," the Walter Scott classic of chivalry and daring-do.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Lockheed Martin Rolls Out First NASA Orion Spacecraft for Testing, Launch
Bill Maher Unloads on Barack Obama
Sometimes Bill Maher cannot wait until the next episode of "Real Time" to say something stupid and offensive. Maher was on Elliott Spitzer's show Tuesday night and was in his usual incoherent and angry mode.
Two Houston Heart Surgeons Implant New Continuous Flow Artificial Heart
Israel Attacked as Attention is Focused on Libya
While the world's attention is focused on Libya, Israel has come under attack again. A bomb has exploded near a bus in Jerusalem, killing an 80-year-old woman and injuring dozens of others. Shelling and missile attacks have resumed from Gaza.
Elizabeth Taylor as Cleopatra, Her Greatest Role
Elizabeth Taylor, who died recently of heart failure, was famous for many roles, some of the more interesting of which were off screen. But the most famous role she played was that of Cleopatra, the last Ptolemaic Queen of Egypt.
Sen. Claire McCaskill Beset by Tax, Ethics Problems
Health Care Reform One Year Later
Doug Liman's Return to the Moon Film Project May Be Taking Off
Doug Liman's so far untitled Moon project looks to be on the front burner again. After a number of rewrites, the story of the movie appears to depict a return to the Moon with a twist. It could be pitched as "Oceans 11 meets Destination Moon."
NOW Defends Sarah Palin from Bill Maher -- Sort Of
NOW, the National Organization for Women, has sprung to the defense of Sarah Palin, who was recently savagely attacked by Bill Maher, who used a vulgar term for female genitalia to refer to her. But NOW managed to attack the right wing at the same time.
Hugo Chavez: Capitalism Destroyed Mars
Hugo Chavez, the mercurial strong man of Venezuela, rarely fails to entertain when he opens his mouth to speak. Chavez has now posited a theory about the planet Mars that is part economic theory, part environmental doomsaying, part science fiction.
Regime change in Nazi Germany? FDR should be impeached for even thinking about it.

Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Paul Spudis discusses The Moon’s Role in Climate Science
Here is yet another reason to return to the Moon: to understand the history of our Sun, the primary driver of climate and life on Earth. It is ironic that many people who are most ardent in their concern about Earth’s changing climate disparage lunar return because “we’ve been there.” By dismissing the Moon, they are missing one of the most important chapters necessary in understanding the grand story of the past, present and probable future of the Earth and the Solar System. That chapter – holding vital answers necessary for an informed debate about our constantly changing climate – patiently waits for us on the Moon.

William Shatner Turns 80 Years Old
William Shatner, who turns 80 today, spent the first 15 years of his career as an actor working in relative obscurity, doing Shakespeare in his native Canada and doing numerous TV guest appearances.
Obama Wants to Install a Democratic System in Libya
One of the things that even people who favor intervention in the Libyan Civil War find disquieting about President Obama's approach to the military operation is there seems to be no clearly articulated goal.
The Independent Payment Advisory Board -- a Real Death Panel
In the fight to undo health care reform, also known as Obamacare, Congress is now focusing on the Independent Payment Advisory Board created under the act. Members of Congress are already calling the IPAB the "real death panel."
Why Obama Favors Oil and Gas Production -- in Brazil
.Is Moammar Gadhafi Insane?
American F-15E Strike Eagle Goes Down Over Libya; Crew Recovered
Prospects for the Uprising in Syria
The uprising that started in Tunisia, spread to Egypt, and is now roiling Middle Eastern countries from the Persian Gulf to Libya has now spread to Syria, a dictatorship that has been ruled by Hafez and the his son Basher Assad for decades.
NASA Explores Radiation Shielding Technology for Future Space Voyages
Texas Lawmakers to Seek 'Nontax Revenues' to Help Close Budget Gap
'Stargate: Universe' Season 2 Episode 3 'Alliances'
In "Stargate: Universe" Season 2 Episode 3 "Alliances," Senator Michaels and Dr. Covel switch bodies with Greer and Camille in order to assess the long term viability of the Destiny. Naturally, things get a little complicated.
'House' Season 7 Episode 17 'Fall from Grace'
The patient of the week for "House" Season 7 Episode 17 "Fall from Grace" is a homeless man who calls himself Danny who is set on fire by a model rocket version of a Saturn V launched by two kids in a public park.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Lockheed Martin's Flawed Space Exploration Plan
Juan Williams Now Favors Defunding NPR
Juan Williams, the reporter who was fired from NPR for ideological reasons, has finally had enough. Even throughout the abuse he took from the publicly funded radio network, he supported continued federal funding.
Peter Jackson's 'The Hobbit' Begins Filming at Last
With all of the legal difficulties taken care of, the actors hired and gathered in New Zealand, the sets built, and producer/director Peter Jackson recovered from ulcer surgery, filming of the two "Hobbit" movies has at last begun.
'Bayou City Noir,' Crime Photos by Marvin Zindler, to Open at Museum of Printing in Houston
Vladimir Komarov and the Cause of Space Disasters
Congressional Liberals Horrified at Obama's Libyan War
Captain Jack Sparrow Invades London School
What follows is a rather nice, heartwarming, even, story that involved Johnny Depp, a 9-year-old British student named Beatrice, and the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow. Depp is one actor who can delight in real life.
Bill Maher Discusses Race Relations and Sarah Palin's Anatomy
Bill Maher never fails to say something so outrageous, so off-the-way on his HBO rantfest "Real Time," or, as some people have called it, "The One Hour Hate." March 18's show has a two-for: one Bill Maher Discusses Race Relations and Sarah Paln's Anatomy.
Sarah Palin's Pilgrimage to Israel Both Personal and Political
After speaking on her "Vision for America" in New Delhi, India, Sarah Palin visited Israel for a two-day stay. For the former governor of Alaska, the visit was both personal and political.

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Paul Spudis discusses shield volcanoes on the Moon.
How NASA Could Enable Space Settlements, Starting with the Moon
'Attack the Block' British Urban Alien Invasion Movie Has a Language Barrier
A British alien invasion movie where a group of inner city street kids in London fights off ET may not get an American distributer. The reason is that"Attack the Block" is in English, but a particular kind that is unintelligible to Americans.
French Jets Over Benghazi as Gadhafi Pushes into the City and Obama Vacillates
As Moammar Gadhafi loyalist forces push into Benghazi, French Mirage and Rafale jets flew over the rebel capital in a show of force in order to prevent the Libyan dictator's Air Force from bombing rebel positions.
Texans Concerned that Houston Will Not Get a Space Shuttle to Display
'Paul' an Alien on the Run Movie
In "Paul," a new comedy directed by Greg Mottola and starring Simon Pegg, Nick Frost, and the voice of Seth Rogan, two British geeks attend the annual Comic Con in San Diego and then set off on a road trip to see the UFO sites.

Friday, March 18, 2011

'Paul' Latest in Space-Alien-on-the-Run Movie Genre
Libya and No-Fly Zones in Recent History
Harry Reid Learns About Dog Sled Races on NPR
Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid never fails to entertain. Last week he defended the National Endowment for the Humanities because of subsidies to a Cowboy Poetry conclave. Now he is defending NPR because of dog sled racing.
Obama Changes His Mind on Military Intervention in Libya
Up until the morning of Wednesday, March 16, it did not look as if President Obama was very much in favor of intervening in Libya in any direct way. That seems to have changed as a result of a meeting Tuesday evening described as "contentious."
Charlie Sheen's 'My Violent Torpedo of Truth/Defeat is Not an Option' Show Comes to Houston
'Red Dawn' the Movie Both the Chinese and MGM Does Not Want You to See
Libertas has a run down on the "Red Dawn" remake, at least the original version that existed before MGM will start to sanitize it in order to satisfy the people who really determine popular culture in America -- the Chinese.
'Bones' Season 6 Episode 16 'The Blackout in the Blizzard'
In "Bones" Season 6 Episode 16 "The Blackout in the Blizzard," there are three related stories, one between Booth and Bones, one between Hodgins and Angela, and the other concerning a desiccated corpse.
UN Votes for Libya No-Fly Zone; Bombing to Begin in Due Course?
All of the sudden, with hardly a fuss, the UN Security Council has voted to establish a no-fly zone over Libya and has authorized any other actions deemed appropriate to restrain Muammar Gaddafi from destroying the rebels.
Toward a Palin Doctrine
Sarah Palin has not even declared her candidacy for president, not to mention actually won that office, but already some analysts have touted the emergence of a "Palin Doctrine" for dealing with foreign threats, especially in the Middle East.

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Q&A: NASA's Messenger Mission to Mercury

Addendum: In orbit around Mercury
Commercial Space Travel Liability Waiver Bill Passes Texas Senate
A bill designed to limit the liability of commercial space flight operators has passed the Texas senate and has been sent to the Texas House for a vote. This legislation is considered key to attracting commercial space business to Texas.
Coming Soon: A Federal War on Bullying
With the Middle East going up in flames and the federal budget deficit going out of control, Rep. Jackie Speier, Democrat of California, has hit upon a burning issue that deserves the immediate attention of Congress: school bullying.
Sharron Angle's Bid for Nevada's 2nd District Makes More Sense
Sarah Palin to Visit Israel Next Week
After delivering a speech at the India Today Conclave, former Gov. Sarah Palin will visit Israel for two days. Israel is often a stop for American politicians with national ambitions, no more than Palin, a warm supporter of the Jewish state.
Looks like Liam Neesen will reprise his role as Bryan Mills in the sequal to Taken in which he shot all of France in the face and destroyed the sex trafficing trade in Europe. I say, send him to Libya.
For St Paddy's Day:

United States 'Prepared to Contemplate Steps' in Libya
While Muammar Gaddafi's forces drive on the rebel capital of Benghazi, the Obama administration continues to engage in what an increasing number of people have termed "dithering."
'Justified' Season 2 Episode 6 'Blaze of Glory'
"Justified" Season 2 Episode 6 "Blaze of Glory" is centered around a bank robbery, a certain ill considered act that preceded it, and the consequences of what follows. It shows that some people will be foolish where lack of money is concerned.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

John Birmingham has some good words about the Sydney kid who turned on his bully and showed him what for.
Fukushima Nuclear Disaster Affects Debate Over Power Plant in Victoria, Texas
NASA's Messenger's Voyage to Mercury -- a Timeline
Is Barack Obama Too Much like Mr. Spock?
Politico is reporting that the indolent attitude expressed by President Barack Obama toward problems ranging from Libya to the budget debate is causing bipartisan discontent. The President seems unconcerned about a world ablaze.
'Stargate Universe' Season 2 Episode 12 'Twin Destinies'
"Stargate Universe" Season 2 Episode 12 "Twin Destinies" is one of those episodes which we pretty much know the ending of, since we know that there are eight more episodes after this one. That takes the edge off of the suspense.
Study Unveils European Anti-Semitism
A recent study titled "Intolerance, Prejudice, Discrimination: A European Report," based on questions posed to a thousand people each in selected countries in the European Union, uncovered rampant and venomous anti-Semitism.
New Villains for 'Red Dawn' Remake -- the North Koreans
The remake of the John Milius classic "Red Dawn" has been in the can for months with no release date in sight, mainly because of Chinese government anger over being depicted as the villainous occupiers of a future America.
What If John McCain was President?
Report: Hillary Clinton Mad About Fictional Assassination Attempt on 'NCIS'
Republicans Consider Selling TV Broadcast Rights to Primary Debates
Faced with a $22 million debt left over from the 2010 elections, the Republican National Committee is considering selling the television broadcast rights to the primary presidential debates.

Tuesday, March 15, 2011

New Political Fight in Wisconsin: Dueling Recall Drives
Rep. John Conyers: Obamacare Platform for Universal, Government Health Care
Rep. John Conyers revealed that he and Rep. Dennis Kucinich ultimately voted for the health care reform bill, also known as Obamacare, because they see it as a "platform" for achieving what they really want, a government run, single payer system.
Microsoft Discontinues the Zune, Latest in the History of Failed Products
$753 Million NASA/Russia Deal for ISS Rides
Tom Hanks slated to play another heroic role
Tom Hanks looks likely to headline Columbia Picture's untitled big screen adapation of the harrowing true-life ordeal of Captain Richard Phillips. has confirmed that the star is attached (though no deal is said to currently be in place).

Phillips captained the MV Maersk Alabama which, in April of 2009, was hijacked by Somali pirates. Phillips bravely offered himself as a hostage to protect his crew and spent three days a prisoner before being rescued by a team of U.S. Navy SEALS.
Radio Talkers Rush Limbaugh, Mark Levin Defend Sarah Palin
Radio talk show hosts like Rush Limbaugh and Mark Levin have rallied to the defense of Sarah Palin after she was venomously attacked by self-described conservative intellectuals in the pages of Politico, with one comparing her to Al Sharpton.
Republican Theme for 2012: Reversing America's Decline
Politico believes it has stumbled upon the overarching Republican theme for the 2012 campaign. That theme is that America is in decline, President Obama and the Democrats are causing it, and the Republicans can reverse it if more are elected.
Gilbert Gottfried Fired as Voice of Aflac Duck for Japan Tsunami Jokes
'Al-Shamikha' is Al Qaeda's Answer to Cosmo
Cosmo and Vogue now have some curious competition in the ladies' magazine market. It seems that Al Qaeda has launched "Al-Shamikha," translated as "The Magnificent Woman," for the discerning single Muslim lady.
Fukushima Disaster Casts Doubts on South Texas Nuclear Project Expansion
Japan Radiation Exposure Fears Force 140,000 People Indoors
William Jacobson wonders about this in the Politico hit piece on Sarah Palin.
She’s becoming Al Sharpton, Alaska edition. The only difference being, she wears naughty-librarian glasses instead of a James Brown ‘do.”

The motive for saying such things is not to be part of the crowd, but rather something more creepy, Freudian.
'House' Season 7 Episode 16 'Out of the Chute'
In "House" Season 7 Episode 16 "Out of the Chute," House proceeds to deal with the trauma of his breakup with Cuddy in his own way, which is to check into a hotel and go on an alcohol, Vicodin, and hooker fueled bender.

Monday, March 14, 2011

New NPR CEO: O'Reilly or Beck as NPR Hosts Would Not Sway Critics
Joyce Slocum, the new interim CEO of National Public Radio, is rather skeptical that NPR could ever win over its "hard core critics." They will always believe that NPR has left wing bias, even if NPR hired some token conservatives.
'Fun Fighting' for YouTube Comes to Houston
Space Elevators: A Transcontinental Railroad to Orbit
Aaron Sorkin's Show About Cable News: A Peek at the Pilot Script
Pam Meister, writing for Big Hollywood, acquired the pilot script for Aaron Sorkin's upcoming TV series based on the adventures of Keith Olbermann, the recently departed ranting head of MSNBC.
Sarah Palin is Al Sharpton? Seriously?
Politico has published a hit piece article on Sarah Palin titled "She's Becoming Al Sharpton, Alaska Edition" in which a number of conservative intellectuals agreed to go on the record dissing the former Governor from Alaska.
Celebrate St Patrick's Day in Houston
President Obama Does Standup at the Gridiron Dinner
Is Libya Obama's Bay of Pigs?; The Wages of Weakness in the Executive
The Supermoon of March 2011 Not Expected to Cause Havoc
The Tsunami, Fukushima and Rethinking Nuclear Power

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Arab League Votes for Libya No-Fly Zone While Obama Continues to Dither
Texas Supreme Court to Hear a Case Pitting Property Rights Against Open Access to Beaches
5,000 Protest Texas School Budget Cuts in Austin, but What is Their Solution?
Ayn Rand, Author of 'Atlas Shrugged,' on NASA's Apollo Program
'Battle: Los Angeles': The Strategy and Tactics of an Alien Invasion
Watching the new alien invasion film "Battle: Los Angeles," one is struck by the strategy of the aliens and how it tends to play into the strengths of the human defenders. One supposes this is for dramatic purposes, but it does bear examination.
Pew Poll Looks for an American Consensus
The Pew Research organization decided to ask what do 90 percent of Americans agree on. That is a difficult task indeed, considering that the United States, divided as it is, cannot get that kind of consensus for any important issue whatsoever.
Has Atlantis Been Found in a Swamp in Spain?
The lost city of Atlantis, mentioned by the Greek philosopher Plato, has been thought to have been anywhere from the middle of the Atlantic, to the Mediterranean island of Thera, to the Caribbean to even Antarctica.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Bolden: NASA Can't Build a Heavy Lift Launcher and it Won't

Addendum: Rand Simberg leaps the length of his chain and offers his usual response to anything and anyone that contradicts him. Just to clear up, by the way, Rand's lying, my work for Yahoo News is a paying gig.
Sarah Palin on the Small Screen
Was Bill Maher Right to Call the Koran a 'Hate-Filled Holy Book'?
'Battle: Los Angeles' Starring Aaron Eckhart, a Film Review
If "Independence Day" and "Blackhawk Down" mated and had an unruly child, it would look sort of like "Battle: Los Angeles." "Battle: Los Angeles" is a street level viewAd of an alien invasion of the Earth.

Addendum: 'Battle: Los Angeles,' Alien Invasion Movies and Why ET is Upset With Us

Addendum 2: Liberal critics hated Battle: La, which confirms my good review of the movie.
Miss me yet? Bill Clinton
Meltdown Threatens at Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant
The disaster in northeastern Japan brought about by the earthquake and tsunami is threatening to get a lot worse as a nuclear reactor at Fukushima may be in the process of a meltdown that would release radiation into the containment building.

Friday, March 11, 2011

I sometimes think that what Rand Simberg, who calls himself a "recovering aerospace engineer", does not know about policy and polictics could fill a very large container indeed.

The problem with the chaos surrounding the space program is not what Congress is doing. Congress is doing what it does when there is no leadership and no plan. Barack Obama does not provide the former and has killed the latter.

I also do not understand the continuing fatwas against heavy lift. The idea that every space mission has to have multiple launches is just crazy. It is sort of like saying that long haul, eighteen wheel trucks are just too expensive so we'll ship everything in panel trucks and maybe put them together at the destination. The economics, not to mention the fact that multiple launches create multiple failure points, do not compute for a space mission. Yes, for building a space station, which can be put together like ISS over months and even years. No for space ships, unless one is not planning very many trips to the Moon or Mars. Even the Nautilus-X needs a heavy lifter to put together.

Sometimes I wonder if certain space advocates care more about self massaging their own egos that opening up the high frontier of space.
How Will the Children of the Moon and Mars Be Shaped by Low Gravity?
Gabrielle Giffords Continues to Progress; Could Attend Husband's Shuttle Launch
Wisconsin Republicans Receive Death Threats
It did not take very long for the new tone that was touted in the wake of the Tucson Massacre to be set aside. Republican State senators in Wisconsin who voted to curb collective bargaining power of public sector unions are getting death threats.
The Japan/Pacific Tsunami of 2011, Compared to Past Tsunamis
Following Japan Tsunami, It's Time for American Soft Power to Shine
Bill Clinton Supports a Libya No Fly Zone
One of the curious effects of the presidency of Barack Obama is that it has enhanced the legacy of President Bill Clinton. Say what one will about the Clinton administration and its numerous embarrassments, but he knew how to deal with tyrants.
Nancy Pelosi: Biblical Power to Cure to Be Hurt by GOP NIH Cuts
House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi said the threatened GOP-inspired budget cuts for the National Institute for Health would hurt medical research's "biblical power to cure."
Obama Would Rather Be President of China
Complaining about how hard it is to chart a course through the turmoil going on in the Middle East, President Barack Obama has developed a remarkable sentiment about what country he would rather be president of.
'Bones' Season 6 Episode 15 'The Killer in the Crosshairs'
In "Bones" Season 6 Episode 15 "The Killer in the Crosshairs," Jacob Broadsky, Booth's old comrade from the wars, who had taken out the Gravedigger, bags himself another bad guy, this time a counterfeiter in witness protection.
Opposition to Texas' Texting-While-Driving Law is Unconvincing

Thursday, March 10, 2011

France Recognizes the Libyan Rebels in a Role Reversal with the United States
NASA to Test VF-200 VASIMR Plasma Rocket at the ISS
New O'Keefe Video Shows NPR's Betsy Liley Agreeing to Keep Muslim Brotherhood Donation Anonymous
Another bombshell has exploded as a result of the secret video taken of two NPR executives having lunch with men who they thought were representing a Muslim Brotherhood front group, the fictitious Muslim Education Action Center.
Does the Path to a Palin Presidency Lay Through Arizona?
Politico's Ben Smith is suggesting that the nascent Sarah Palin for President pre-campaign is considering basing its operations in Scottsdale, Ariz. The idea is that Arizona is more strategically placed than Alaska.
'Deadliest Warrior' to Pit Vampires Against Zombies
"Deadliest Warrior," a show that has already run for two seasons on Spike TV, has hitherto matched historical warriors against one another, for example Viking vs. Samurai and Knight vs. Pirate.
Wisconsin State Senate Passes Collective Bargaining Curbs; Union Mob Erupts
Having had quite enough, the Wisconsin State Senate voted to split off the collective bargaining limits from the budget repair bill and pass it separately. A vote in the State Assembly is scheduled for Thursday, March 10.
'Justified' Season 3 Episode 5 'Cottonmouth'
"Justified" Season 3 Episode 5 "Cottonmouth" starts with Raylan having a conversation with Dewey about something he claims to have heard from Jimmy Earl about some nefarious thing the Bennett family is up to.
Dan Mirvish revives an ancient and somewhat bogus story about Sarah Palin and whether she knew Africa was a Continent or not. Here is the original story about the hoax he and his partner Eitan Gorlin perpetrated at the time. Here is an account in the National Review in which a gentleman who was in the room contradicts the story which, so far anyone knows, is based on the fake source that Mirvish and Gorlin concocted and/or an unnamed source cited by Fox News at the time.

Wednesday, March 09, 2011

Sarah Palin's Unpresidential Campaign
Texas DPS Warns Against Spring Break in Mexico
Space Shuttle Discovery's is a career well-finished
Moammar Gaddafi Forces Close to Retaking Strategic Town of Zawiyah
The first fictional character matchup on Deadliest Warrior: Vampires vs. Zombies!
Julianne Moore to Play Sarah Palin in HBO Movie About 2008 Election
As a follow up to the HBO film about the recount crisis in the 2000 election, Jay Roach will direct and Danny Strong will write an HBO movie based on the book "Game Change" about the 2008 election. Julianne Moore will play Sarah Palin.

Addendum: John Nolte not optimistic. I had not read "Game Change", but it looks like Sarah Palin is in for a Katherine Harris style bashing.

Addendum 2: Some of the folks at Aintitcool are going berserk. One wonders whether any of them every had a mother. They certain don't seem to have ever had a date with a woman.
Newt Gingrich Seeks Forgiveness of His Sins, Along with the Presidency
Former Speaker Newt Gingrich, who is all but an announced candidate for the president of the United States, attempted to address the elephant that is in every room he enters, which is his history of cheating on two of his wives.
Mark Twain wakes up to find himself twenty years younger, adrift a sea, and the Confederacy still around in 1867. I hate that when that happens.
David Broder, Long Time Washington Post Columnist, Dies at 81
vid Broder, the long time political columnist for the Washington Post, has died at the age of 81. Though he wrote from the liberal perspective, he also wrote as an adult, ready to give credit or blame where it was due regardless of political affiliation.
Vivian Schiller Fired as CEO of National Public Radio
The after effects of James O'Keefe's video sting of NPR executives continue to be felt. A day after Ron Schiller, one of the execs caught on camera, was canned, Vivian Schiller (no relation) was let go as president and CEO of NPR.
Michele Bachmann Finds a $105 Billion Dollar Spending Bomb Hidden in Obamacare
Congresswoman Michele Bachmann has found a $105 billion dollar bomb tucked inside the health care reform bill Congress passed last year that apparently only a few members of Congress even knew about.
I'm not sure if this story is about a stupid crook or a smart one. You make the call.

Tuesday, March 08, 2011

Has Sarah Palin Destroyed Feminism?
Texas Lawmakers Fight Over Versions of Abortion Sonogram Bill

'The Event,' NBC's Secret Alien Invasion Series, Returns with New Episodes
The first two episodes of "The Event" since November have aired and with them at least the initial mystery of who the detainees at the Alaskan facility at Inostranka are and what their purpose is has been revealed.
The Future of Planetary Exploration in the Era of Limits
Harry Reid: Republicans Want to Silence Cowboy Poets
Senate Majority Harry Reid decried Republican attempts to cut off funding for the National Broadcasting Corporation, the National Endowment for the Arts, and the National Endowment for the Humanities.
OPEC to Consider a Meeting to Consider an Increase in Oil Production
Exit Deal for Gadhafi Rejected by Libyan Rebels
'Stargate Universe' Season 2 Episode 11 'Deliverance'
When we last left our intrepid heroes, the unwilling crew of the Destiny, they were under attack by drones from a long dead alien race. The Destiny people had made an uneasy alliance with a group of aliens called the Ursini, who led them into the ambush.
NPR's Schiller Talks About Republicans, the Tea Party, and the Zionists
Two operatives working for James O'Keefe, the underground reporter who helped bring down ACORN, posed as members of a Muslim Brotherhood front group and sat down to lunch with two high executives of NPR and got them to say remarkable things.
'House' Season 7 Episode 15 'Bombshells'
"House" Season 7 Episode 15 "Bombshells" features two patients. One is a teenage boy whose physical symptoms are overshadowed by some of his psychological ones. The other one is Cuddy, who may be about to die.
Rand Simberg posits a scenario in which the recent launch failure of the Glory stattelite and the similar one of the Orbiting Carbon Observatory could have been sabotage.

Both OCO and Glory were specifically designed to help resolve the controversial issue of the degree to which earth’s climate is changing and if so, the degree to which human actions are the cause. NASA has been one of the many agencies criticized in the wake of the Climaquiddick scandal of late 2009 for fudging data, such as throwing out results from Siberian temperature monitoring stations, and generally massaging things in a way that somehow always seemed to confirm the politically correct AGW theory.

These two satellites were designed to take human judgement out of the monitoring and modeling loop, to provide direct and unbiased global sensor data on things such as carbon levels, clouds, irradiation, and other factors that are crucial to understanding the planet’s climate and its variability.

Billions of dollars in continuing research grants and vast amounts of political power lie in ensuring that concern over global warming be kept at a boil. So if there were a person or persons concerned that the satellites might come up with the “wrong” answer, they might be highly motivated to make sure that they never got an opportunity to perform their respective missions. Of course, if so, it would behoove them to do so in such a way as to make it look like an accident.

Mind, while the climate change folks have not been above tweeking data or putting pressure in dissenters, I find this scenario just a tad far fetched. If one wanted to make sure that the "wrong answer" was not found, the "right answer" can always be subsituted without the somewhat melodramtic resort to sabotoging not one but two rockets,

Monday, March 07, 2011

Salem Witches to Try to Help Charlie Sheen
Charlie Sheen, whose antics have caused astonishment on an almost daily basis, has attracted the attention of a group of self described Salem witches. They seem to be cross at Sheen for describing himself as a "Vatican Assassin Warlock."
Time for an 'Anti-Appropriations Committee?'
'Rango' Starring Johnny Depp and Ned Beatty, a Film Review
"Rango" is a phantasmagorical movie that is heavy with allegory and heavier yet with references to other movies, especially "Chinatown." It is a western featuring animated desert creatures,none of whom are cute or cuddly.
Texas Set to Repeal Dysfunctional Driver Surcharge Law
Nevada Senator John Ensign Announces Retirement
John Ensign of Nevada is the third Republican senator and eighth senator overall to announce his retirement after 2012. This is considered good news by many Republican insiders because of Senator Ensign's ethical problems.
Mile-Long Lava Cave Could Be Site of the First Lunar Settlement
Now we have to worry about our nitrogen footprint?
Arnold Schwarzenegger Looks at Remakes, Sequels of 'The Terminator,' 'The Predator,' 'Running Man'
Having concluded his detour into politics as Governator of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger is busily considering movie roles, of which there are about 15 offers. The offers include remakes and sequels to some of Schwarzenegger's classics.
9/11 as you have never seen it before:

Alan Greenspan: Obama Economic Policy Slowing Recovery
Hillary Clinton: Al-Jazeera is 'Real News'
India Looks Forward to Sarah Palin's New Delhi Visit
India is apparently looking forward to the impending visit of former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin with keen interest. The interest suggests a great fascination with American politics and a sophisticated view of some of its players.
United States Uses Egypt, Saudi Arabia to Aid Libyan Rebels
While the Obama administration has kept to a hands-off policy where the Libyan Civil War is concerned, at least Egypt is participating covertly and Saudi Arabia is being asked to lend a hand on behalf of the United States.
Today is Casimir Pulaski Day.

Sunday, March 06, 2011

Can Texas Jail TSA Officials for 'Enhanced' Pat Downs?
As the Space Shuttle Ends, NASA Begins to Shed Employees
Donald Berwick Out as Head of Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services
Senate Democrats have abandoned efforts to confirm Donald Berwick, President Barack Obama's controversial pick to head the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) as he is certain not to get the 60 votes needed for confirmation.
Sarah Palin Admonishes Bill O'Reilly
Sarah Palin was on the "O'Reilly Factor" recently, discussing, among other things, entitlement reform. Bill O'Reilly began, as he is want to do, by pressing her on some specific, interrupting her at various points while doing so.
Romney Stumbles in New Hampshire Over Health Care Reform
Though he is not an announced candidate for president, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney certainly behaved like one at the Carroll County, N.H., Lincoln Day Dinner where he made some remarks.
Michael Moore Rouses the Rabble in Madison
Michael Moore, the erstwhile purveyor of polemic films some have called "documentaries," seems to have found a new career, that of rabble rouser. He appeared in Madison, Wis., at a pro-union rally and appeared to have been on fire.

Saturday, March 05, 2011

Mitt Romney Tries to Do the Regular Guy Routine
Mitt Romney is everyone's image of what an establishment Republican presidential candidate should be. He is handsome, button down, and rich. He has run for the office before and does not have a lot of alarming opinions.
Barack Obama Brews 'White House Honey Ale'
President Barack Obama has a new hobby, which is apparently to brew his own beer. The first product is "White House Honey Ale," with the honey flavoring coming from first lady Michelle Obama's bee hive in the White House garden.
Bill Maher: Charlie Sheen is 'Sarah Palin on Cocaine'
If there was anyone more deserving of the sneering put downs that Bill Maher is so capable of, it would be Charlie Sheen. However, the host of "Real Time" or as it is commonly called "The One Hour Hate" managed to work in a dig at Sarah Palin.
Strike Called Against the Huffington Post by Contributors
In the wake of the sale of the Huffington Post to AOL for $315 million, liberal media maven Arianna Huffington is facing a revolt from some of her contributors who hitherto have provided news and commentary for free.
Australians Invent Space Beer
Can Texas Penalize Federal TSA Agents for Using the Scanning Machines?