Friday, September 14, 2018

Financial analyst sees Jeff Bezos’ investment as an ’emerging force’ in space, to Amazon’s benefit
From the Hill: How ice on the moon can get us to Mars

It’s finally confirmed: Water exists on the moon.

The importance of water on the moon, some of it easily extractable, cannot be overstated. Water mined from the moon need not be transported from Earth at great expense. The water can be used for drinking, agriculture, and other purposes by future lunar settlers.

Even more important, water can be refined into liquid hydrogen and liquid oxygen, the components of rocket fuel.

US Naval Research Laboratory's Jaffe on Space-Based Solar Power

Space Based Solar Power
NASA's Orion Space Capsule Aces Final Parachute Test Before Moon Flight
Thousands of objects discovered in Scandinavia’s first Viking city
Elon Musk is building a medieval watchtower
NASA: Humans will touch the moon again by the late 2020s

Monday, September 10, 2018

From the Washington Examiner: Is space exploration racist?

Recently a writer named Caroline Haskins published a piece in the Outline, a New York-based media platform, with the somewhat provocative title “The Racist Language of Space Exploration.”

The piece has elicited much eye-rolling on social media and at least one rebuttal in Reason Magazine. The arguments in the article will be all too familiar to those who were forced to read “A People’s History of the United States” by the bad historian and Marxist scholar Howard Zinn while in school.

LANL shoots for the moon in search for life on Europa
Erik Hauri, scientist who found water on the moon, dies at 52
‘Beto O’Rourke’ Was ‘Rob O’Rourke’ When He Captained Rowing Team at Ivy League School
The Geology Of Star Trek's Strange New Worlds
Cruz: Democrats want Texas to be 'like California,' have 'tofu' and 'dyed hair' Beto really needs to be forced to deny this.

Saturday, September 08, 2018

From the Hill Newspaper: Remembering the man who sold the moon: Paul Spudis

If, as many hope, President Donald Trump’s push to return Americans to the moon comes to fruition, the NASA portion of the Lunar Base will be named the Paul Spudis Lunar Science Center if there is any justice. If any one person can be said to have caused America to once again, for the third time in a generation, set out for the moon, it is Dr. Paul Spudis, who recently died suddenly from complications of lung cancer.

Carpeting Sahara with wind and solar farms could make it rain
China is Losing the New Cold War
3 Things Every Investor Should Know About NASA's Plan to Return to the Moon
The End is Near for NASA's Historic Dawn Mission to the Asteroid Belt
How to design human homes for alien planets
Puzzling Swirls on the Moon May Come from Ancient, Magnetized Lava

Monday, September 03, 2018

Virginia Town Still Suffering after Red Hen Kicked Sarah Huckabee Sanders Out
'First Man' a disgrace to patriotic Americans

"But historically speaking, taking out the U.S. flag from the very scene that blasts “American Exceptionalism” at a time of Cold War racing against the evil Soviets is not only a snub to those tied to this great patriotic moment in time — but it’s almost a gift to today’s Russia. It sends the message that this country has so far moved past the U.S.-U.S.S.R. days of frigid relations, foreign subterfuge and spy-versus-spy-type behaviors that today’s America is willing to go the extra mile and drop that whole silly pride-in-nation thing."

‘Proud to Be an American’: Buzz Aldrin Tweets American Flag Moon Landing Amid ‘First Man’ Backlash
Research reveals a potential new biotherapy for Alzheimer’s disease
Stunning anti-ageing breakthrough could see humans live to 150 and regenerate organs by 2020 'for the price of a coffee a day'

Sunday, September 02, 2018

I hear that the Village Voice has gone belly up, which is too bad because the Personals section was a hoot. Here is one story where the Voice attacked me in print, something I also cherish.
Opponents of space exploration come crawling out of the woodwork

While most people seem to approve of President Trump’s renewed push for space exploration, starting with a return to the moon and then going to Mars, either believing it to be either a priority or at least important things to do, according to a Pew Poll, not everyone agrees. The opponents of exploring the heavens, who have been with us since the dawn of the space program, have started coming out of the woodwork like unquiet ghosts to annoy the living.

Prospecting on the Moon: Russia, Europe to Hunt for Lunar Ice
Commercial branding on spacecraft? Five key points in NASA’s evolving space vision
A top SpaceX engineer has revealed new details — and questions — about the company's plans to reach Mars in 6 years

Friday, August 31, 2018

How the flight of Apollo 11 won the Cold War
Why the United States will beat China in the new moon race or why audiences in Beijing might be triggered by the raising of Old Glory on the lunar surface First Man omits American flag raising on the lunar surface
From the Hill: We really are going back to the moon and then on to Mars Related: The Moon, Mars, and Beyond
Neil Armstrong’s Sons, Director Damien Chazelle Defend Absence of Flag-Planting Scene in ‘First Man’ In other words, the film makers are doubling down on stupid. Instead of apologizing for the slight and offering to fix it, they are lecturing people who were affronted by the omission of the flag raising that they are the problem.
Police Report: Beto O’Rourke Tried to Flee Scene of Drunk-Driving Crash
Navy Making Room for Railguns in Next Warship, But No Extra Investments
NASA’s Pluto probe spots the next deep space rock it’s zooming toward
NASA head hints that reusable rocket cos. like SpaceX will enable Moon return
Neil Armstrong Movie Starring Canadian Ryan Gosling Doesn’t Feature American Flag

Addendum: A Modest suggestion. Instead of boycotting the movie, go and when the moon landing sequence starts, break out American flags and wave them. If those Canadian filmmakers are too squeamish to show Old Glory on the moon, let's bring our own.

Thursday, August 30, 2018

Texas lawmakers press NASA to base lunar lander program in Houston
It looks like the movie about Neil Armstrong has bought itself some controversy. First Man omits American flag raising on the lunar surface
Gov. Scott, in Melbourne, blames Nelson for not stopping losses of space jobs
NASA Administrator Bridenstine: ‘We’re not going to do flags and footprints again’
My lengthy appreciation for the late Paul Spudis: Lunar geologist Paul Spudis has passed away Also The Once and Future Moon and The Value of the Moon: How to Explore, Live, and Prosper in Space Using the Moon's Resources
What the orbital space habitats designed for NASA in 1975 can teach us about living in new geometries
Sarah Palin, Loyal Running Mate, Excluded from John McCain’s Funeral
Marines 3D-print concrete barracks in just 40 hours

Wednesday, August 29, 2018

I just got word that Paul Spudis has died. I never met him in person, but we exchanged numerous emails as he encouraged me in my opinion writing in support of a return to the moon. He was one of the world’s leading experts in lunar geology and the use of the moon’s resources to facilitate space exploration. He was a passionate advocate for lunar exploration and thus will be sorely missed. My condolences to his wife Anne and his family and friends. Now the return to the moon becomes a monument to his memory.


The mother of all conspiracy nut theories or at least someone having too much time on their hands Did Vladimir Putin Rescue an Injured Donald Trump from the Viet Cong During the Vietnam War? This might make a great alternate history story.
The capsule astronauts will ride to return to the moon has arrived at Kennedy Space Center
China, Shoring Up Its Navy, Muscles Into Pacific
India's first manned space mission to send 3 persons

The First (Official Trailer) • A Hulu Original

Sunday, August 26, 2018

From the Hill: We really are going back to the moon and then on to Mars

The significance of Vice President Mike Pence’s recent speech at the Johnson Spaceflight Center was not that it made any new news, but the fact that it was made at all. One of the failings of the deep space exploration programs of both presidents Bush was that, after the initial speeches that announced them, going back to the moon and on to Mars were hardly mentioned at all. President Trump, to his credit, rarely makes a campaign speech without mentioning NASA, not to mention his proposed Space Force.

Ocasio-Cortez Stands In Solidarity With Cab Drivers — While Taking An Uber
John McCain's US Senate seat: What happens next?
Britain’s Inability to Handle Last Year’s Flu Season Shows Perils of Socialized Medicine
NASA: Space Force needed to protect energy grid from 'existential threat'
Where are all the asteroids?
Partisanship Reaches Deep Space, Threatening NASA Exploration Goals
Space race 2.0: A low-down on the great flight

Saturday, August 25, 2018

One of my favorite stories about John McCain, the larger than life war hero and American original, concerns an incident that took place when he was being held captive in the Hanoi Hilton. One of the ways the North Vietnamese tortured the American prisoners was to subject them to speeches being given by antiwar activists denouncing them and the United States efforts in South East Asia.

However, one day, the exercise backfired. The speech had a line, McCain later recalled, that went like, “We can put a man on the moon but Nixon can’t end the Vietnam War.”

The slight detail that Americans had landed on the moon had been kept from the American pilots. The accidental revelation caused a sensation and an up swelling of pride and patriotism. At least that one day, for those brutalized and tortured men, was a good day.

Senator, I understand that sentiment perfectly. Here is hoping that your afterlife is the end of all woe and struggle and that bliss be your measure forever more.

NASA Is Making an AI-Based GPS for Space
NASA's OSIRIS-REx begins asteroid operations campaign Also The Man from Mars: The Asteroid Mining Caper
War in space 'inevitable' because there's so much money to be made, expert warns
How John Oliver was duped by the fringe anti-science advocacy groups USRTK and the Organic Consumers Association

Thursday, August 16, 2018

The Blues Brothers - Aretha Franklin

Aretha Franklin RIP
New 'triple pill' could eliminate high blood pressure
One Air Force general's call for 'radical collaboration across the whole-of-government' to win the new space race
Elizabeth Warren’s Batty Plan to Nationalize . . . Everything
Is Nancy Pelosi Losing Her Mind?
India's taking another shot at making it to the moon Also China says it will launch 2 robots to the far side of the moon in December on an unprecedented lunar exploration mission and This 'Sparrow' lunar lander may soon make Israel the 4th country ever to land the moon Related: A Brother on the Moon
Scott, GOP not buying Nelson's explanations: 'Either lying or circling back to try to cover up'
MIT scientists crack the case of breaking spaghetti in two

Tuesday, August 14, 2018

The Evolution of the Big Falcon Rocket
Digging into the details of Orion’s EM-1 test flight
Nelson's narrow lead with Florida Latinos worries Democrats Is it too soon to suggest that Senator Ballast is going down? Related: Winners and losers from Jim Bridenstine’s confirmation as NASA administrator
Earth mini-moons: Potential for exciting scientific and commercial opportunities
Trump's 'Space Force' no punchline to military insiders amid rising Russia, China threats Related: Why you should take Trump’s Space Force seriously
NASA’s Orion spacecraft test module passes weight test, headed to Ohio for more work Related: The Moon, Mars, and Beyond: Two Tales from the Coming Space Age
Preparing to See the Unseen on Jupiter's Moon Europa
NASA administrator checks progress of projects at Michoud facility Related: Why is it So Hard to Go Back to the Moon?

Sunday, August 12, 2018

Thursday, August 09, 2018

My latest from the Hill: Entering the dawn of commercial human spaceflight

"-the dawn of commercial human spaceflight is at last drawing nigh. Much of the perception that the United States has lost its space leadership stems from the fact that, since the last space shuttle mission in 2011, American astronauts have had to hitch rides with the Russians. Russia, under Vladimir Putin, has increasingly become a hostile foreign power, placing at risk the space partnership first forged in the 1990s. When Americans start flying American-made spacecraft from American soil, a lot of policymakers will breathe easier. American access to space will no longer be held hostage to the whims of the Kremlin.

Report: Amazon plans internal healthcare clinics for employees at Seattle headquarters
Canadians Try To Boycott American-Made Food Products
The Peopling of the Americas: Evidence for Multiple Models
New NASA Planet Hunter May Find 10,000 Alien Worlds in Just Two Years
Blue Origin’s lunar lander program wins a share of NASA’s ‘tipping-point’ tech awards Also: NASA awards Astrobotic $10 million to help land on the moon And:Why NASA might outsource the return to the moon Related: The Last Moonwalker and Other Stories