Sunday, June 30, 2013


How the Tomato was Once Thought to Be Poisonous
Clothing as a Solar Power Source and a Fashion Statement
Designing High Rise Buildings Through 'Solar Carving'

Wendy Davis jumps the -- err -- T-Rex

NASA likely to get more funding from the Senate than the House

Is it Now Time to Legalize Polygamy?

In the wake of a pair of Supreme Court decisions that have advanced the cause of same sex marriage, Scott Shackford of Reason Magazine asks the burning question, is it now time to talk about polygamy?

Congress in a Race to Produce a Tax Reform Bill

While the sound and fury over the IRS scandals remains unabated, members of Congress on both side of the aisle are quietly working on a tax simplification plan. Quite a number of tax deductions and credits are at risk, according to the Hill.

Obama Has Alienated Egyptian Freedom Protestors

In the wake of massive protests in Cairo's Tahir Square against the Muslim Brotherhood regime of Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi, President Obama issued a statement in South Africa supporting that country's democracy, according to the Washington Post. The Washington Free Beacon reports that opposition leaders are blaming American Ambassador Anne Patterson and President Barack Obama for propping up the Morsi government, installed in power after an election in 2012.

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Bio Fuel Company Expands into Women's Skin Care
'Jurassic Park 4' May Involve Tame Dinosaurs
Report: Air Travel Technology to Develop Incrementally
David McConaughy, Gettysburg Lawyer, Spy, and Preservationist
Space Center Houston announces 'Name that Shuttle' contest

Sarah Palin Issues Warning About Immigration Reform

The Senate has passed the immigration reform bill, as threadbare is it is about border enforcement and filled as it is with pork and special deals. Sarah Palin is not pleased, which means that those voting for the bill should be afraid.

Why Paula Deen and Not Bill Maher or Alec Baldwin?

The piling on Paula Deen continues with the news, on top of former corporate partners falling over themselves to separate themselves from her, that her upcoming cook book has been cancelled by her publishers, despite being Number One on Amazon.

Friday, June 28, 2013

48 Hours after Ted Cruz threat State Department Inspector General appointed
Ted Cruz compares Wendy Davis' fillibuster to Rand Paul's to pro life group
Star Trek's Nicholas Meyer to pen pilot for space race TV series
NASA's shuttle landing runway at KSC to be a commercial space port

Iranian Missile Program Will Lead to a 'Sputnik Moment'

While the political class is entertaining the American people and each other with fights over immigration, gun control, and climate change, ominous developments in Iran threaten to plunge the world into a global war.

Wendy Davis is the New Joan of Arc in the 'War on Women'

Now that Sandra Fluke has gone back to obscurity, having gotten her 15 minutes of fame thanks to Rush Limbaugh and the phony "war on women" Wendy Davis, a hitherto unknown Texas Democratic state senator is the new Joan of Arc.

Why Immigration Reform Doesn't Matter Politically

For all the sound and fury surrounding the passage of the immigration reform bill in the Senate, it very likely doesn't matter. Jonathon Strong in National Review Online points out that it is dead on arrival in the House.

Thursday, June 27, 2013

Planetary Resources creates partnership with 3D Systems

How a Real Wounded Warrior Destroyed a Fake One at a Congressional Hearing

Baulio Castillo, CEO of Strong Castle, Inc., an IRS contractor, once claimed a veteran's benefit for an ankle sprain sustained while attending a military prep school. This did not sit well with Rep, Tammy Duckworth, D-Ill.

Reactions to Supreme Court's Same Sex Marriage Decision What One Might Expect

The reaction to the Supreme Court's Defense of Marriage Act and Proposition 8 decisions runs across the political spectrum and occasionally delves into the bizarre.

Supreme Court Advances Same Sex Marriage, but with Unintended Consequences

The bottom line that one can extract from the Supreme Court's Defense of Marriage Act and the Proposition 8 decisions is that even though same sex marriage is still not a constitutional right, the country is on the road to where that is likely to be the case.

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

High Heel Shoes, the Fashion Statement that Ruins Feet
Japanese Breathalyzer Watch Can Tell If One is Too Drunk to Drive
Sequel to 'Independence Day' to Premier in 2015
Obama's Climate Change Agenda a Solution in Search of a Problem
Harrison, Longstreet's Spy at Gettysburg
Researchers Use 3-D Printer to Make a Battery the Size of a Grain of Sand
Ibrutinib Could Be the Most Effective Treatment of Leukemia Ever Developed
Asteroid mining: Start of an evil empire or a new epoch in human history?
China's Shenzhou 10 returns safely to Earth after 15 day space mission
Ted Cruz fix to Obamacare loophole in immigration bill squashed by Democrats

Obama Dithering on the Keystone XL Pipeline Continues

Fuel Fix notes a part of President Obama's climate change speech where he laid down some criteria for approval of the northern part of the Keystone XL pipeline. Essentially it all depends on the pipeline's carbon footprint.

Book: Islamist Terrorism Has Roots in Cold War KGB Disinformation Campaign

The UK Daily Mail reports on a new book by former Romanian Lt. Gen Ion Mihail Pacepa and University of Mississippi law professor Ronald Rychlak that claims that the current wave of Islamic terror has its roots in the Cold War.

Supreme Court Brings the Voting Rights Act into the 21st Century

When the Supreme Court struck down Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, it acknowledged a fact that should be obvious to all. It is no longer 1965, but rather 2013. Jim Crow, which had blighted the south since the Civil War, has been dead for decades.

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Japanese Researchers Study Growing Human Organs Inside Animals
Gettysburg as Imagined by 'The Twilight Zone,' 'The Outer Limits,' and 'The Time Tunnel'
New York Man Tries to Sell 'Radiation Cannon' to the KKK
Crewed Planetary Flyby Missions, Then and Now
Obama declares 'war on coal' with climate change/green energy initiative

Rick Santorum Joins the Culture Wars by Becoming a Movie Mogul

Rick Santorum, former senator and candidate for president, has chosen a different career path, that being a movie mogul. The Associated Press reports that he has become CEO of Echolight Studios, a faith based film company based in Dallas.

Snowden Provides Russia a Means to Torment Barack Obama

Edward Snowden has made another revelation besides that of the NSA snooping program. He has exposed thoroughly the contempt that various nations of the world, especially Russia, have for the wishes of the Obama administration.

Obama's Poll Numbers Take a Dive in Massachusetts

Michael Barone notes in the Washington Examiner that President Obama's poll numbers have taken a steep dive in deep blue Massachusetts. This may be more interesting than the results of the Markey/Gomez special senate race.
Building Prosthetic Hands for Children Using 3-D Printing
John Burns, the Elderly Warrior of Gettysburg

Monday, June 24, 2013

MIT's MACH Software Helps People Overcome Social Phobias
Elizabeth Thorn Helped to Bury the Dead of Gettysburg

Snowden is Allowed to Flee from Hong Kong

Volvo Working on Electric Road Concept
Black Market Trade in Cat Skins a Problem in Switzerland

Behind the Demise of the Farm Bill

One of the more under reported stories in national politics was the rejection of the latest farm bill in the House, which went down 195 for and 234 against. The Washington Times suggests that part of the reason has to do with what is in the bill.
NASA presents Space Launch System assembly facility at Michoud
Colorado secession movement caused by renewable energy push

Rand Paul on a Tightrope Over Edward Snowden

Sen. Rand Paul, R-KY, is dancing a little bit precariously on a tightrope where it involves the continuing odyssey of Edward Snowden, according to the Weekly Standard. Libertarian principle is at war with political peril for Paul.

Sarah Palin Warns Senate on Immigration Reform Bill

Former Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin has posted on Facebook a polemic against the Senate version of the immigration reform bill. Those contemplating voting for the bill might want to think again, mainly because of a warning.

Sunday, June 23, 2013

Recharging Electric Cars Soon to Take Just 20 Minutes
'The Killer Angels,' Michael Shaara's Classic Novel of Gettysburg
India Ends the Last Telegraph Service After Over 150 Years
Technology Advances to Make Cheap, Practical Fuel Cells
Roman Style Concrete May Spark Building Revolution
New Virus Treatment Holds Promise for Melanoma Treatment
Fort Wagner, First Major Civil War Action by an African American Regiment
SpaceX land Brownsville purchases seen as good sign for Texas space port

What If Hillary Clinton Does Not Run?

Byron York of the Washington Examiner notes that while Democrats are rallying around former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton as the woman of destiny (for the second time) he notes that nightmare scenario if she does not run.

Immigration Bill Has Special Alaska Fish Processing Deal

Michael Barone of the Washington Examiner has found an interesting provision in the immigration reform legislation that has less to do with immigration reform than it has to do with motivating a couple of senators to vote for it.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

Mini Submarine Developed to Explore Europa's Oceans
'Lone Signal' Group Proposes to Call ET
Was Elizabeth I a Man? Don't Bet on It
Pew Poll: decline in the number of Americans who think people will land on Mars
Ted Cruz assertion of an Obamacare incentive to hire illegal immigrants disputed

Hillary Clinton Wants a Female President

The Washington Post reported that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, speaking before an audience in Toronto, opined that she would like to see a woman president of the United States in her lifetime.
'Man of Steel': Return of an American Super Hero
Chelsea Clinton's Planned Parenthood Gaffe Not Fatal

Chelsea Clinton's bemoaning the fact that her great grandmother did not have the benefit of the services of Planned Parenthood has been the subject of much hilarity in cyberspace. Hot Air suggests that it is much to do about nothing.

Paula Deen Being Chopped from the Food Network Fraught with Irony

Paula Deen, the grandmotherly, southern chef who punctuates most every sentence with "y'all" has been chopped from the Food Network for saying the word one must never, ever say, unless one of a rapper or an African American comedian.

Friday, June 21, 2013

Clip Air Concept Would Combine Train and Air Travel
TrackingPoint Rifle Can Make Anyone a Sniper
Next Generation International Linear Accelerator Faces Cost, Location Questions
Ted Cruz proposes bombing Syria's chemical weapons arsenal
China's Shenzhou 10 mission features science lecture

Chris Matthews Compares Bill Clinton to --- Tony Soprano

Chris Matthews of MSNBC was having an on air conversation with James Lipton of Actors' Studio when he made an odd pop culture comparison to a well known American political figure, according to Newsbusters.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment Would Gut Rights for Corporate Entities

The Supreme Court decision Citizens United vs. FEC, which was handed down in 2010, struck down restrictions on political speech by corporations, unions, and nonprofits. Two Democratic senators are proposing to reverse that decision.

Obama Picks Another Fight with the Catholic Church Over Education

President Obama picked another fight with the Catholic Church when, while in Belfast during the G8 Summit, he made a speech suggesting that the school system in Northern Ireland is a source of division, according to the Washington Times.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Dark Invasion -- Chapter Two
Ted Cruz suggests sending the IRS to guard the border
Angst over the direction, lack of funding of NASA space exploration unabated

James Gandolfini, AKA Tony Soprano, Dies at Age 51

The death of James Gandolfini, star of the small and large screen, is not just a lost to the dramatic arts, but a reminder of mortality. He was just 51 years old, according to Big Hollywood, and apparently had no hint of health problems.

Tea Party 'Audit the IRS Rally' the End of the Beginning

The Tea Party "Audit the IRS" rally was icily dismissed by the Daily Beast as an exercise in nostalgia. But, both Pajamas Media and the American Spectator suggests, it was largely successful all things considered.

Obama in Berlin Focuses on the Make Believe Over Real Problems

In his speech in Berlin before the Brandenburg Gate, President Obama told a small, select audience that the most pressing issues he was going to address were reducing strategic nuclear weapons and addressing climate change.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Ted Cruz mocks Obama's Berlin speech, compares it unfavorably to Reagan's
Landing on the Moon: Masten's Xombie and Xeus
Is Minocycline a Vaccine Against Feminine Wiles?
How Grant's Victory at Vicksburg Changed Everything in the Civil War
The House wants a 'sustained human presence on the Moon and the surface of Mars'

Texas Gov. Rick Perry in Connecticut Rustling for Gun Businesses

Gov. Rick Perry's latest rustling expedition in search of businesses to entice to Texas from blue states has taken him to Connecticut and meetings with gun manufacturers who are still reeling from the passage of new gun control laws.

House Republicans Want to Return to the Moon, Just Not Pay for It

Alan Boyle of NBC News reports that the House Republicans are preparing a NASA authorization bill that will cancel President Obama's asteroid mission in favor of a return to the moon in preparation to going to Mars.

Bill Ayers Wants Obama on Trial for 'War Crimes'

Conservatives have made much over the years about the early political alliance and friendship between Barack Obama and Bill Ayers, a retired terrorist now safely ensconced in academia. Now that alliance seems to have been broken.

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Is China a space threat? Opinions vary
Ted Cruz offers voter registration amendment to immigration reform bill

Is the Supreme Court Arizona Decision Actually a Victory for Voter Integrity?

Most supporters of voter integrity believe that they lost in the Supreme Court decision that struck down an Arizona law requiring proof of citizenship for those registering to vote. But J. Christian Adams suggests that the decision was a great victory.

Obama: 'I Am Not Dick Cheney' or is He?

According to Politico, President Obama, in a television interview with Charlie Rose, in effect stated that he is not Dick Cheney. He said this in the context of a defense of a National Security Agency snooping program that Cheney helped to develop.

House to Propose SHIELD ACT to Protect Electricity Grid Against EMP Event

According to the Washington Examiner, the House is preparing to unveil and plan that would harden the nation's electricity grid against the ravages of either a solar flare or an electromagnetic pulse cause by the explosion of a nuclear bomb.

Monday, June 17, 2013

Landing on the Moon: NASA's Project Mighty Eagle
Jennie Wade, the Only Woman to Die at Gettysburg
Valentina Tereshkova and Sally Ride, First Women in Space
Landing on the Moon: NASA's Project Morpheus
Microwave Hot Water Heater Claims Energy Savings
NASA chooses new class of astronaut candidates, citing space exploration

Ted Cruz leads presidential preference poll of Texas Republicans

Now Michael Bloomberg Wants New Yorkers' Food Scraps

The latest scheme to come from the fertile brain of New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg is to force people living in the city over which he presides to recycle food scraps, according to the New York Times.

What Obama Can Do About Scandal Driven Poll Collapse

The Washington Examiner reports that a new CNN poll shows that President Obama's approval rating has collapsed to 45 percent. Moreover he has dropped 17 points among the under 30 demographics. Less than half of Americans trust the president.

CBS News Personalities Display Ignorance of Cable News, Iranian Politics

Two recent incidents suggests that the quality of on air talent at CBS News has suffered a marked decline, not just from the Walter Cronkite era but even from the 24 or so years Dan Rather was occupying the anchor seat.

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Private Elbert Corbin, a Civil War Medic at Gettysburg
Louis Leon, a Jewish Soldier in the Army of Northern Virginia at Gettysburg
SpaceX encountering abort problems with testing new Falcon 9 version
Sarah Palin gives shout out to Ted Cruz at Faith and Freedom Coalition speech

Sarah Palin Gives a Stemwinder at the Faith and Freedom Coalition Conference

According to the Washington Post, Sarah Palin gave a stemwinder of a speech before the "Road to the Majority Conference" put on by the Faith and Freedom Coalition before "an adoring crowd of religious conservatives."

The IRS Scandal is Not Going Away Any Time Soon

Breitbart Big Journalism is suggesting that the media is trying to "bury" the IRS scandal story. However a story in The Hill reports that the scandal is not going away any time soon. The congressional investigation will be a long, hard slog.

Hassan Rouhani's Election as President of Iran Changes Nothing

According to the Washington Times, the Obama administration congratulated Hassan Rouhani for his election as president of Iran. Why it would do such a thing is not entirely clear. Rouhani is described as a "moderate" but that is only a matter of degree.

Saturday, June 15, 2013

“If Palin Had Become President”
NASA's Morpheus prototype lunar lander rises again
How the Ted Cruz for president meme started

Marco Rubio Surprisingly Still Popular Despite Immigration Reform

Hot Air notes that a new Gallup Poll has Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL as surprisingly popular among Republican voters, despite his stance on immigration reform that has so angered conservatives. There may be a few reasons for this.

Orrin Hatch: IRS Administrating Obamacare Subsidies 'Scary'

Sen. Orrin Hatch, R-Utah, is sounding the alarm about the IRS and Obamacare in a new piece in the Wall Street Journal. Bottom line is that if you loved how the IRS handled the tax status of conservative groups, you'll adore how it handles health care.

Hacking of CBS News Reporter's Computer Rouses Paranoia

The news, confirmed by CBS News, that the computer of that network's reporter Sharyl Attkisson was hacked on multiple occasions by an unknown party is fueling speculation and paranoia, driven by the Obama scandals.

Friday, June 14, 2013

Draft NASA funding bill cancels asteroid mission for return to the moon
In 'Burn Notice' We See How Michael and Fi First Met

This is...Athens!

NASA: asteroid mining and industrial revolution through self replicating robots
Buzz Aldrin's 'International Lunar Development Corporation' raises questions

Obamacare Mandates Have Members of Congress, Staffers Jumping Ship

Hot Air reports that many members of Congress and their staffers may be about to flee public service. At issue seems to be the exploding costs of health insurance under the Obamacare law. Oh, the delicious irony.

Obama Stumbles into Intervention into Syria

According to CBS News, the Obama administration has decided, somewhat belatedly, that the Assad regime has crossed the "red line" and did in fact use chemical weapons on its own people. Now the president has to do something.

Sarah Palin Now Back at Fox News

The news that Sarah Palin is now back on the air at Fox News as a contributor came as something of a surprise, considering that the governor and the news network were supposed to have had a divorce back in January.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Ted Cruz supports changing prosecution of military sexual assaults
NASA's Orion to be reusable and upgradable
NASA: blocks of dry ice slide down Martian dunes every spring
China's Shenzhou 10 docks with Tiangong-1 space module

IRS Seizure of Medical Records More Evidence of Lawlessness

According to the Daily Caller, in March, 2011 15 IRS agents are alleged to have barged into the corporate headquarters of an unnamed California health care provider and seized 60 million medical records, claiming to be serving a warrant.

Sarah Palin Calls Bill Maher Out on His 'Retarded' Trig Palin 'Joke'

Bill Maher, the HBO ranter, seems to have stepped into it during a live performance in Los Vegas. According to Breitbart's Big Hollywood, Maher made an attempt at a joke in which he called Trig Palin, Sarah Palin's youngest child, "retarded."

Addendum: Drudge is reporting that Palin is coming back to Fox News. This is just too delicious...

Addendum 2: Confirmed.

Now Sarah Murnaghan Has a Chance at Life

Sarah Murnaghan, a 10 year old Pennsylvania girl, has been snatched literally from the brink of death, thanks to a thus far successful lung transplant, according to the Wall Street Journal. She thus has defeated both cystic fibrosis and her own government which almost killed her.

Some years ago I was assigned to do a series of articles on cystic fibrosis. Some of the information may be dated.

Cystic Fibrosis vs. Cystic Fibroses: Misspellings & Misconceptions

Life-Lengthening Treatments for Cystic Fibrosis

Pulmonary Function and Cystic Fibrosis

What Causes Cystic Fibrosis?

New Drug PTC124: Potential Treatment for Cystic Fibrosis and Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Now Chris Matthews compared Ted Cruz to 1930s anti Semitic Father Coughlin
Planetary Resources to use ARKYD space telescope to hunt for exo solar planets
Ted Cruz questions ATF nominee on illegal gun purchase prosecutions

Joe Biden Accuses Gabriel Gomez of Being Afraid of Rand Paul and Ted Cruz

One sure fire way to understand who the left is really afraid of is to witness who they use as bogey men to inflame their base. According to The Weekly Standard, Vice President Joe Biden unveiled the identities of the latest enemies of the people.

Aaron Sorkin's Left Wing Alternate History 'The Newsroom' Draws Nigh

Mary Katherine Ham notes that HBO subscribers are about to be punished with a new season of Aaron Sorkin's science fiction series, "Newsroom," set in some alternate universe in which all liberals are good and pure and the right is the root of evil.

Inevitably, Bush Now More Popular Than Obama

Breitbart's Big Government notes that the latest Gallup poll shows that former President George W. Bush has become more popular that the current President Barack Obama. The development will come as a surprise to some but it is inevitable.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Ted Cruz accused of 'Obamaphobia' for opposing path to citizenship
Ted Cruz criticizes Senate passed farm bill
China's Shenzhou 10 lifts off for 15 day mission to Tiangong 1

How the Immigration Bill May Hurt Marco Rubio, but Help Ted Cruz

Sen. Marco Rubio, R-FL said, in a Spanish language interview on Univision, that immigration reform would involve amnesty for those illegal aliens who can pass a background check and pay a fine regardless of enhanced border security, according to the Washington Examiner.

Armed Citizens Project Giving Away Free Shot Guns to Potential Crime Victims

The prescription that many well meaning people have to tamp down on gun violence is to restrict the private ownership of fire arms. However the Associated Press reports that a private group in Houston is pursuing a different approach.

NSA Snooping Provides Rand Paul with an Issue -- and a Problem

Whatever one thinks about NSA snooping of both phone and internet records, and opinion varies and not necessarily along party lines, the revelation has given Sen. Rand Paul, R-Ky. a ready-made issue for his potential 2016 presidential run.

Monday, June 10, 2013

NASA Develops the Technology to Go to Mars: Living on Mars
'Bag2Go' to Cut Down on Baggage Being Lost by Air Lines
Was Hillary Clinton lying about the NASA 'no girls allowed' letter?
John Glenn interviewed about space and education
Ted Cruz's plan to eliminate the IRS questioned

Japan 'Invades' California and It's a Good Thing

There was a time, in the living memory of some, that the idea of Japanese troops storming the beaches near the Marine base at Camp Pendleton, California would have been the cause of great alarm. It still is, but from a different quarter.

Now Bill Maher is Trashing Ronald Reagan

Bill Maher, the mad cap HBO ranter who uses his cable soapbox to purvey the outrageous, seems to be running out of living conservatives to trash. He recently turned his infamous snark on the late President Ronald Reagan.

How Edward Snowden's Ideological Journey Led Him to Expose NSA's Prism

Edward Snowden, the NSA leaker who revealed to the UK Guardian the workings of the Obama administration's phone and internet snooping system and then fled to Hong Kong has gone on quite an ideological journey.

Sunday, June 09, 2013

The Premise of 'The Purge' Absurd and Offensive
NASA Develops the Technology to Go to Mars: Surviving in Space
Abner Doubleday Fought at Gettysburg but Didn't Invent Baseball
Aging Bourbon in Months Instead of Years a Winner for Cleveland Whiskey
Mars Opportunity discovers signs of fresh water in Mars' ancient past
Ted Cruz raises trust issue concerning Obama NSA snooping

Obama Passive in the Face of Chinese Strategy>/P>

While the Obama administration is seeking closer military ties with China, as the Washington Times reports, the communist state is pursuing a strategy of encircling the United States with a series of alliances and with its growing naval power.

Sergeant Sommers and His Forbidden Books

The case of Master Sgt. Nathan Sommers is being seen as an example of how the Obama administration is imposing political correctness, even among serving men and women in the military, according to a story in Fox News.

Fracking Win Provides an Opportunity for California Republicans

The Wall Street Journal reports that in a rare defeat for the environmental lobby in California, an attempt to ban hydraulic fracking failed in the state assembly, 37 to 25, with 12 Democrats joining with 35 Republicans to vote down the ban.

Friday, June 07, 2013

NASA Develops the Technology to Go to Mars: Advanced Propulsion Systems
How 3-D Printing Will Change the Way We Shop for Shoes
Multiple Sclerosis 'Breakthrough' Treatment Reported
Henry Heth, the Man Who Accidentally Started the Battle of Gettysburg
A.P. Hill, Lee's Argumentative General at Gettysburg
NASA Develops the Technology to Go to Mars: Storing Fuel in Space
Justin Bieber wants to be shot into space, tape music video
Ted Cruz suggests Obama regards Constitution as a 'pesky obstruction'

How Ronald Reagan Saved the World from Global Warming 26 Years Ago

A recent article in the Wall Street Journal suggests that along with ending 1970s stagflation and destroying the Soviet Empire, President Ronald Reagan saved the planet from global warming, which would make him the greatest president ever.

Obama NSA Snooping into Phone, Internet Data Raises Questions

The one thing one has to consider when looking at the amassing of phone records by the NSA as well as the access to computer files, is the context in which it happened. The reason why one should be appalled is that Obama did it.

IRS's 'Mr Spock' Goes to Congress and Gets Humiliated

One could almost feel sorry for Faris Fink, the IRS official who starred as Mr. Spock in the "Star Trek" moral boosting video made with so much of our hard earned tax money. Being before an angry congressional committee cannot be a lot of fun.

Thursday, June 06, 2013

New Theory: Black Holes Lack a Singularity, Are Natural Star Gates
John Bell Hood at Gettysburg
NASA Develops the Technology to Go to Mars: Getting into Space
Ted Cruz courts social conservatives
NASA's Mars Curiosity begins journey to the foot of Mount Sharp

Martin Bashir's Playing the Race Card Over the IRS Scandal Inevitable as it is Tedious

Hot Air suggests that MSNBC's Martin Bashir's playing the race card over the IRS scandal is proof that the insane asylum masquerading as a cable news network has gone downhill since Keith Olbermann was giving the royal order of the boot.

Samantha Power a Worse Appointment Than Susan Rice

The appointment of Susan Rice as his National Security Adviser may not be the most bone headed move President Obama has done in his term in office. The other appointment he made, Samantha Power as UN Ambassador, exceeds it.

Saving Sarah Murnaghan

Federal judge Michael Baylson has done a number of things with his emergency order that placed 10 year old Sarah Murnaghan on the adult lung transplant list, as Fox News reported, most of them good, but one an opened can of worms.

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

Lewis Armistead Falls During Pickett's Charge at the Battle of Gettysburg
New Handwashing Monitor Bracelet Could Cut Down on Hospital Borne Infections
Engineer Invents a Substitute for Food?
How Winfield Scott Hancock Saved the Day Twice at Gettysburg
In 'The Passage to Power' Lyndon Johnson Gains the Presidency
Brain Scanning Computer Allows Communication by Thought
Newt Gingrich touts the Penn State Lunar Lions Google Lunar X Prize team
Ted Cruz hits back at media on the Mark Levin radio show
Colossus Telescope proposed to hunt for infrared signatures of alien planets

Jesse Ventura Goes After Chris Kyle's Widow so He Can Run for President

The Washington Times notes that Jesse Ventura, former wrestler, former action star, and former governor of Minnesota, is suing the widow of Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle for defamation surrounding an account of a bar fight in Kyle's book.

Tea Party Victims of the IRS Speak Before Congress

USA Today notes how representatives of a number of tea party and other conservative groups recounted before the House Ways and Means Committee how they were victimized by politically motivated harassment by the IRS.

Will Bureaucratic Rules Kill 10 Year Old Sarah Murnaghan?

Whatever the medical reasons for denying 10 year old Sarah Murnaghan a lung transplant, and thus condemning her to death, the political optics are terrible beyond human description, according to Hot Air.

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Jubal Early, Lee's 'Bad Old Man,' at Gettysburg
NASA Searches for Technology Fixes for Astronaut Psychological Stress
NASA: Mars Curiosity Findings Highlight the Need for Radiation Sheilds for Astronauts
Company Raising Funds for Safe Gun Technology
SpaceX successfully tests Merlin 1-9 rocket engine cluster for new Falcon 9
XCOR COO warns that proposed State Department rule could cripple space tourism
Ted Cruz blasts Supreme Court DNA decision in Maryland v. King

How the IRS Entertained Itself at Our Expense

The latest detail in the unfolding IRS scandal is the revelation that the tax agency spent lavishly on conferences, to the tune of $50 million over about three years, that were part team building exercises and part excuses to party.

What 'Game of Thrones' Has to Teach About Real World Politics

Much band width is still being taken up by reactions to the ending of the second to last episode of season three of "Game of Thrones," the HBO series based George R.R. Martin's study of power politics in a fantasy universe.

Lautenberg's Death Gives New Jersey's Christie a Problem and an Opportunity

Frank Lautenberg, World War II veteran, unabashed liberal, and the "last of the swamp dogs" as CNN described him, as departed from the United States Senate as well as this life, leaving New Jersey Governor Chris Christie with a problem and an opportunity.

Monday, June 03, 2013

Longstreet and the Gettysburg Countermarch Controversy

New Software to Allow a Robot Butler to Anticpate Its Owners Needs

Wired recently reported that some researchers at Cornell have produced some software that may advance the day when people will be able to have personal robot servants that not only act on command, but anticipates ones needs.
NASA's Bolden walks back 'no return to the moon' remarks
Development of NASA's Space Launch Vehicle, commercial spacecraft proceeds apace
Ted Cruz opens his mind on the IRS, Obamacare, and immigration reform

White House Aides Wish Eric Holder Would Go Away

A story in the New York Times illustrates the extent of the trouble Attorney General Eric Holder now finds himself in. Publically the White House still supports him. Privately some White House aides wish he would do the decent thing and resign.

IRS Agents at the Heart of the Scandal Are Beginning to Talk

According to the Conservative Intelligence Briefing, one of the spins put on the IRS scandal is that the harassment of tea party and conservative groups was the result of rogue, low level agents has started to unravel.

The President Mitt Romeny Counterfactual

Thanks to Time Magazine and the publication of a new book, The Romney Readiness Project, we have a look into a counterfactual Romney Administration. It is clear that had Obama lost, we would have been living in a different world by now.

Sunday, June 02, 2013

General Richard Ewell and His Gettysburg Controversy
Study on Rats Shows Promise of Spinal Cord Injury Repair
NASA and Bigelow Aerospace Plotting a Commercial Return to the Moon
P.J. O'Rourke expresses disquiet, confusion about NASA's space program
NASA to fly 3-D printer to International Space Station for experiments

Why MSNBC's Ratings Have Tanked and What Can Be Done About It

The Hot Air story about the collapse of MSNBC's ratings and the continuing ascendency of Fox News is interesting in what it says about the political beliefs of those people who pay attention to the news and try to stay informed.

The Decline and Fall of Detroit is a Warning

Detroit, once one of the great manufacturing cities of the world, has seen better days. In fact, with a declining population and large parts of it in ruin, Motor City resembles Ancient Rome of the late 5th and early 6th Centuries AD after the barbarian invasions.

Bill Maher Thinks the Pope is an Atheist and so is Barack Obama

In his eternal quest to say something more outrageous than he has ever said before, the HBO ranter Bill Maher suggested that both Pope Francis I and President Barack Obama "might be an atheist" according to the Daily Caller.

Saturday, June 01, 2013

Alternate Gettysburgs: Could the South Have Won?
NASA Funds a 'Food Replicator' with a 3-D Printer
The Death of General John Reynolds on the First Day of Gettysburg
Dark Invasion - Chapter One
Chris Matthews plays the birther card against Ted Cruz, Republicans
1998 QE2 passes Earth as NASA, Planetary Resources tout asteroid ventures

America Must Strike Back Against Chinese Cyber War

Recent Chinese hacking attacks, which have, among other things, compromised American weapons systems technology, has thus far elicited a passive response from the Obama administration.

As Americans Turn Against Intervention in Syria, Obama Inches Toward It

Hot Air reports that a new Gallup Poll reports that Americans are overwhelmingly against any kind of military intervention in the Syria civil war. This is at a time when Sen. John McCain, R-Ariz. is demanding it and President Obama is inching toward it.

Rand Paul Seeks to Expand Republican Base in Reagan Library Speech

Sen, Rand Paul, R-KY, finished his journey to California, in search of West Coast campaign donations, with a speech at the Reagan Library in which he laid out how he intends to ask for West Coast votes, according to the Los Angeles Times.