Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How might 'Star Wars Episode 7' affect real world space travel

Of course this means Leia is officially a Disney Princess. And maybe she will show up on "Once Upon a Time" along with Han Solo

Disney has bought Lucasfilm and intends to release Star Wars Episode 7 in 2015. Since Lucas will not be making it, this has possibilities.
NASA Mulls Space Launch System for Planetary Missions, Large Space Stations

Addendum: Keith Cowing, not surprisingly, has a decidely negative take. The problem is that none of these missions will fly until the 2020s at the earliest. Predicting the budget situation for ten years from now is folly to say the least. In the meantime NASA is playing it smart by imagining what the extra capabilities the SLS will buy it. This gets the planetary science community behind continuing the rocket's development.

Effects of Sandy on the Election Are Unclear, but Might Favor GOP, Governors
'Future Children' Anti-Romney Video Likely to Anger Adults

The ultimate battle of the Bonds to the death.

Don't listen to Joss Whedon, Mitt Romney's the guy you'd want in charge during a zombie apocalypse

Sunday, October 28, 2012

A wonderful and disturbing combination of humor and utter Hollywood rich guy cluelessness as I have rarely seen. Joss, I love your work, but really, seriously?

Addendum: It occurs to me that Joss is wrong and it was Obama who started the Zombie Apocalypse in the form of the Occupy movement. Fortunately, unlike in the movies, it was contained in time.

Addendum 2: 'The Zombie Apocalypse' is a Strange Campaign Issue

Converting Coal to Methane Through Microbes Could Change Energy Economy
Boeing Develops a Weapon to Shut Down an Enemy's Electronics
Study: It's Hard for Men and Women to Be Just Friends
SpaceX Dragon returns from NASA's ISS with astronaut blood and urine samples
MIT grad student proposes deflecting asteroid with 'paintballs'
It appears that Tyrone Woods and Glen Doherty killed 60 of the attacking force in Benghazi while saving 20 or so Americans. I know they were technically no longer in the military, but this is Medal of Honor stuff.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Rand Simberg is being named in a lawsuit brought by Michael Mann, a climate scientist and global warming advocate who apparently does not take criticism very well. Rand will likely set up a legal defense fund, but in the meantime feel free to contribute to his regular tip jar.

Mark Steyn too.

NASA Engineers Build Mockup of Deep Space Station
'Starvation Hormone' Could Extend Life, Research Suggests
Obama's 'Bayonets and Horses' Line Not as Sharp Against Romney as Hoped
Just reading between the lines, but I think this Challenger disaster project appears to be oriented toward the commission that determined the cause. One hopes it will be better than the exploitive movie of the week that was made a few years back.
Clark Kent to Become the 'Next Matt Drudge,' and About Time Too

Monday, October 22, 2012

Thomas Jefferson and James Hemings Brought French Cuisine to America

Romney Seemed Presidential in Debate 3; Obama Not so Much

Some apologies from Barack Obama.

Romney NASA-Based Endorsements Elicit Vehement Responses
Blue Origin tests 'pusher' launch escape system for future spacecraft
Beirut Wrong to be Angry at Depiction in 'Homeland' as a Hotbed of Terrorism
George McGovern Betrayed Anti-War Stance, Proposed the Invasion of Cambodia in 1978
If Mitt Romney Carries Pennsylvania, the Race Will Be a Wipeout

Addendum: Sure enough, the return of the bitter clingers.

Chris Stevens Warned of Benghazi Security, Raising Questions on Obama Libya Policy
Politicians, Experts Call for Mission Stability, More R&D for NASA
Scott Pace, formerly of NASA,and Eric Anderson, commercial space magnate: ... Or Ready To Restore Lost U.S. Leadership in Space?

Sunday, October 21, 2012

A video game about the Yakuza reviewed by the Yakuza.

Seem like a lot of work to me...

Studies Suggest that 'Young Blood' Can Reverse Effects of Aging in the Brain
NASA looms large in Houston Chronicle's endorsement of Mitt Romney

Addendum: The Chronicle's swipe at Obamaspace has caused a bit of a raucous, including this boiler plate piece that expresses astonishment that anyone would think that Obama's space policy was not the most excellent idea ever to issue from the mind of Man and that, besides, everything wrong with NASA was George Bush's fault. Or maybe Mike Griffin. In any case it is the left refuge of the Obamanista.

Sunday, October 14, 2012

HMS Conqueror's Most Daring Mission, a Raid on the Soviet Navy

Felix Baumgartner is safe on the ground after breaking the record for the highest parachute jump ever from over 24 miles.

Addendum: Felix Baumgartner breaks the sound barrier in 24 mile high parachute jump

Addendum 2: Guess who else who breaking the sound barrier, just as he did 65 years ago


Thursday, October 11, 2012

Biden's Points in Debate Undermined by His Laughing and Smirking

Addendum: Vice President Giggles...

Laura Bush celebrates the courage of Malala Yousafzi, a 14 year old girl who so terrified the Talbian, they shot her in the head.
Malala is the same age as another writer, a diarist, who inspired many around the world. From her hiding place in Amsterdam, Anne Frank wrote, “How wonderful it is that nobody need wait a single moment before starting to improve the world.” Today, for Malala and the many girls like her, we need not and cannot wait. We must improve their world.
Study: Switching from Coal to Natural Gas Could Save Texas Water
'Diamond Planet' Discovered 40 Light Years from Earth
Special Theory of Relativity may allow faster than light travel after all
The Libya Scandal Reveals More Obama Incompetence and Mendacity
Walter Williams' Modest Proposal: California Should Become East Germany

Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Time for Romney Supporters to Be Confident -- but Not Cocky
Texas Gov. Rick Perry Disputes Low Score Given by Cato Institute
Brain Chemistry Research Could Lead to PTSD Treatment
Rome Declares War on Tourists Eating in Public
'Astronauts, Business Owners, and Space Leaders' support Obama space policy
Europe and Russia Planning Joint Lunar Sample Return Mission
'Ethical' Hunting Vs Traditional Hunting
NASA's Mars Curiosity finds 'shiny object' in Martian soil
The Perils of a Turkish-Syrian Conflict
Mitt Romney Urges Peace Through Strength in Foreign Policy Speech

Wednesday, October 03, 2012

British Soprano Sarah Brightman to be Next Tourist in Space

Addendum: This screed from Keith Cowing is almost beyond belief.

In case you were wondering, for $51 million, according to a per-person cost of $2.58 from the Global Alliance for Vaccines and Immunisation, you could vaccinate 19,767,442 people (yea 19+ MILLION) in developing nations with "5-in-1 vaccine" or "pentavalent" vaccine which protects against diphtheria, tetanus, pertussis, Haemophilus influenzae type b (Hib), and hepatitis B. You could also buy 275,675 OLPC XO-1.75 laptops for students in a developing country at $185 each.

Similar arguments have been used by the far left as an excuse to shut down space projects dating back to the Apollo program. What makes this rant even more egregious is, as Cowing freely admits, Sarah Brightman is spending her own money, earned from a lifetime of practicing her art. She has a right to use her own money that she earned as she sees fit without busy bodies trying to guilt trip her about sick children. This is class warfare at its most odious.

Texas Poll Shows that Romney, Cruz, and Education Spending Favored
Barack Obama Caught on Tape in Full Racial Grievance Mode
How the Obama Campaign Reduced Women to 'Lady Parts'

Monday, October 01, 2012

What If Watergate Had Never Happened?
America Enters the Jet Age with the First Flight of the XP-59, Oct 2, 1942
NASA Plan to Build Space Station Beyond the Moon Criticized
Ross Perot Speaks Out on the National Debt and Politics in 2012
Election 2012: Can the Tea Party Pull it Off Again?
A Second Obama Term Would Be Blighted by Scandal
Scientists Propose Asteroid Dust Shield to Combat Global Warming
Ron Paul Supporters Contemplate a Write-in Campaign
You Do, Of Course, Realize That This Is Going To End Very, Very Badly

In my opinion, quite a number of adults should be hanged for what is being done to Alana Thompson (I refuse to use the stage name that sounds like something you would give a two year old's first doll.)

Former Obama Official: We Need Death Panels to Cut Health Care Costs
No Foreign Aid to Egypt Until its Government Behaves
'Once Upon a Time' Begins Season Two with 'Broken'
'Homeland,' Showtime's Drama of Treason and Terrorism, Returns
Debra Morgan Asks 'Dexter': 'Are You...?'