Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Why Dianne Feinstein's Assault Weapons Ban Went Down in Flames
Texas Lawmaker Wants to Ban Plastic Bag Bans
Report: NASA Passed on a Mars Mission Proposal in the 1990s
How to Make 'Meat Balls Ferk'
How Obama Could Both 'Approve' and Halt the Keystone XL Pipeline
New 'America' Film Project Could Be a Good Morale Booster
Sarah Palin Delights, Annoys with Mockery at the 2013 CPAC Convention
How Ben Carson's Outside-the-Box Views Might Bring Zest to the 2016 Debate
Jeff Bezos team recovers NASA Apollo era F1 engines from the Atlantic floor
West Virginia Lawmaker Proposes Teaching Science Fiction in Public Schools

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Chocolate Faces and Gummy People Point the Way to Custom Printed Food

Sick, sick, sick...

Supporting Scifi Film Characters Who Really Deserve Their Own Movies

Rand Simberg's polemic against safe space travel is out for pre-order. I've not read the work, but tend to agree with the premise that a certain amount of risk is not only inherent but necessary in pushing back the space frontier. Unfortunately I'm not sure any way has been found to keep the country from going berserk for over two years after astronauts do die in space. That is what happens when someone dies on world wide TV

For your St. Patrick's Day listening pleasure...

Friday, March 15, 2013

DOE Restarts Plutonium-238 Production for NASA Space Probes
Ben Affleck is Not a Secret Agent, Though He Looks Good in a Tux
Cruz and Feinstein Clash Over Gun Rights and the Constitution

It is remarkable how the feminazis have sprung to the defense of DiFi and have screamed and lept at Ted Cruz, while beclowning themselves further. As an example, Texas hater Gail Collins rages against the Dread that is Ted. All I have to say is, if DiFi thinks she was put upon by some inconsiderate man, she needs to talk to Sarah Palin about what that really is like.

Obama's North Korea, Iran Policies Have Placed the World in Danger

Sunday, March 03, 2013

Dreams of Barry's Stepfather

When they met as students at Yale in the late sixties, Ann and George could not have been more different. She was a student radical and a single mother. He was a hell raising fraternity brother and the scion of a political family. Incredibly they fell in love, married, and together became greater than they could have been separately. The change was most felt by Ann’s son, whose Kenyan father had abandoned him, sending him to an unimagined destiny. From the corridors of power in Washington, to battlefields in Vietnam and Iran, and ultimately to the surface of the moon, this is a story of how the changed destinies of human beings can also change the world.

The Making of 'Dreams of Barry Bush's Stepfather'

Paul Spudis has some observations on the proposed Space Leadership Preservation Act.

How vampire movies are developed

SpaceX Dragon successfully berths with NASA's International Space Station