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It's election season again, so it's time to go to the townhall and yell at our elected representatives. This time it's about the birth control mandate.
One of theirs, one of ours, or -- most likely -- CGI. You make the call.

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Is Romney Too Negative -- or Not Positive Enough?
Whether Mitt Romney is too negative depends on whom one asks. His opponents suggest that he is way too negative. Mitt Romney would be pleased to disagree, noting how useful negative advertising has been for him so far.
NASA Flagship Planetary Missions on Hold Indefinitely
Political Activities Call Media Matters' Tax Exemption into Question
The Gunny as one has never seen him before:

Julianne Moore Does Not Understand Sarah Palin
Government Food Gestapo Pronounced a Preschooler's Lunch 'Unhealthy'
Texas Congressmen Press NASA for Documents on Shuttle Display Venues
Could 'Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter' Be the Start of a Genre?
One can only imagine what the pitch session for the movie version of "Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter" was like. "It's sort of like 'Buffy the Vampire Slayer,' only Buffy is the 16th president of the United States."
Rick Santelli, whose rant heard 'round the world inspired the Tea Party, demonstrates the difference between it and the occupiers.
Bob Zubrin drops the hammer on Obama for the attempt to cancel Mars exploration.
Thus, in order to accept the constraints on human aspirations demanded by Holdren, Ehrlich, and like-minded thinkers (whether rationalized by alleged limits to available resources in the 1970s, or by the putative threat of global warming due to excessive use of natural resources today), people must be convinced that the future is closed. The issue is not that resources from space might disrupt the would-be regulator’s rationing schemes. Rather it is that the idea of an open future with unlimited resources and possibilities undermines the walls of the mental prison that the would-be wardens of mankind seek to construct.

Indeed. This disproves the idea that Obama's space policy is the one bright spot of an otherwise dysfunctional administration.

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The conservative message in the classic Trek episode "Patterns of Force." Come to think of it, the episode was an early examination of Jonah Goldberg's concept of liberal fascism.

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One thing I really admire about Gingrich is that he is not backing down on the moon base. It matters less how he wants to do it as that he wants to do it:

Also How Newt Gingrich Can Save the Moon Base

Addendum: Rand Simberg, having something like the same idea I had, decides to play speech writer for Newt Gingrich. Unfortunately Rand forgets that when one writes a speech for someone else, one needs to consult with that person about what he wants to say and not write the speech one would like to give oneself. My suspicion is that even if he does a follow up speech, Gingrich is not going to get into the weeds of technical details that Rand does. He would present a few easy to understand reasons for a Moon base, establish a few general principles about how it could be brought into reality, but leave the details to people who know how to do that sort of thing. The last thing Gingrich needs to do is to take sides on the whole heavy lift vs. fuel depot fight. If he were to do so, Romney's aerospace brain trust would bury him.

Rick Perry Makes First Public Appearance Since Ending Presidential Campaign
'Iron Sky': Moon Nazis vs. President Sarah Palin in 2018
"Iron Sky," the movie about Nazis on the Moon, has been in development for the past five or six years. Now it appears that it will hit movie screens on April 4. It also appears that they have picked the wrong president of the United States to mess with.

PETA Orca Slavery Lawsuit Has Disturbing Implications
Former NASA Astronaut Janice Voss Dies
Rick Santorum's Sweep Unveils Weaknesses of Opponents
Proposition 8 Decision Raises Constitutional Conundrum

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Texas Abortion Sonogram Law Now in Effect After Court Ruling
Charles Miller makes the case for a return to the Moon.
Ruth Bader Ginsburg Trashes Constitution; Should She Be Impeached?
NASA Looks to Fission Power for the Future of Space Exploration
Eric Anderson, head of Space Adventures, chairman of the Commercial Spaceflight Federation, and Romney commercial space adviser, discusses the importance of space exploration in the current political environment:
Barack Obama's Step-Grandmother Slightly Injured in Auto Accident
Report: Russian Scientists Drill Through Antarctic Ice Sheet to Lake Vostok
Former JFK Intern, Mimi Alford, Publishes Book About Affair with Kennedy
Santorum, Romney Reject Reagan's Space Legacy

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'Game Change' Meant to Stop Sarah Palin Campaign that Didn't Happen
Conservatives4Palin has a story about the upcoming HBO movie "Game Change" based on the John Heilemann and Mark Halperin book which was an account of the 2008 election that brought Barack Obama to the presidency.
Texas Emerging Development Fund Comes Under Scrutiny
Susan G. Komen for the Cure Cuts Planned Parenthood Funding
Recap: 'Justified,' Season 3, Episode 3, 'Harlan Roulette'
"Justified," Season 3, Episode 3, "Harlan Roulette" begins with Ava having a parley with Limehouse to set up another meeting with Boyd. Boyd is interested in splitting Maggs Bennett's legacy, once Dicky joins her in the afterlife.
Florida Sen. Marco Rubio Looks at His Political Future
Return to the Moon -- Heavy Lift vs. Fuel Depots
Does Obama Really Find Unemployed Engineer's Plight 'Interesting?'
Romney and Gingrich Look Ahead to Their Future Presidencies
How NASA fixed a $100 million problem for five bucks. Too bad the project was cancelled later for political reasons.