Saturday, April 28, 2012

Obama’s Space Shuttle funeral dirge a show for all to see

The American moon mission was America’s finest moment in time, signaling to the world not just proof of American ingenuity but keeping aflame man’s dream to reach the moon.
In this final chapter, Obama didn’t just gut the space program’s manned moon missions, he flew proof of America’s dead dream over Washington and New York landmarks.
The American astronaut and the concept of space shuttles have been relegated almost overnight to the obscurity of museum relics.

Planetary Resources Asteroid Mining Venture Could Change Civilization

Thursday, April 26, 2012

I had no idea that necrophilia was permitted under Islam. It may soon be the case in Muslim Brotherhood dominated Egypt.
Texas Gov. Rick Perry Endorses Mitt Romney
House Expresses Concerns on NASA Commercial Crew Program
EPA 'Crucifixion' Analogy Demonstrates an Imperial Bureaucracy
Labor Department's War on Rural America

Addendum, as one of the comments points out and Newsmax confirms,  the parental exemption is rather meaningless because a lot of family farms are jointly owned by a number of family members, say a group of siblings, or a couple and their siblings, which would not fall under the exemption. It's proof once again about the folly of city slickers trying to make rules about a milieu about which they know nothing.

Addendum 2: Obama backs off. 

Monday, April 23, 2012

There are several takeaways to be had about Planetary Resources

It seems to have some serious money and technical expertise behind it.
It's main market appears to be space travelers, supplying them with rocket fuel and building materials.
On that note, by the way, it pretty much destroys the idea of fuel depots supplied from Earth. Depots supplied from space resources make much more economic sense. A 500 ton or so asteroid parked at one of the Lagrange points would make a wonderful resupply/refueling depot when it's fully developed.

Much more anon, obviously.
Space-Based Fuel Depot Debate Heats Up Again
American Gloriana -- Chapter Two
'Texas Semester' Full Immersion Study of Texas History and Culture
If I wanted America to fail...

Nazi-Like Behavior Argues Against a Palestinian State
Obama's $8.3 Billion Slush Fund to Save His Re-Election from Obamacare

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Monday, April 09, 2012

Kennedy Space Center's Future of Commercial, Goverment Launches
Tim Tebow Featured at 'Easter on the Hill' in Robinson, Texas
Eric Holder Ballot Trickery Proves Ease of Voting Fraud
Netyanahu Frienship Means Better Israeli Relations Under Romney
'Mad Men' Takes on Richard Speck, Vietnam
One of the more interesting aspects of the AMC TV series "Mad Men" is how it intersects the lives of Madison Avenue ad men and real world events of the 1960s. This is no better illustrated than in the recent episode "Mystery Date."
I got a lot of grief from the Palin haters when I compared the former governor to Katniss, the Artemis-like character in "The Hunger Games." That's alright, as I both expected and counted on it.

Now it looks like that Jennifer Lawrence, the actress who plays Katniss, has something in common with Ms. Palin as well.
The 21-year-old beauty gutted a squirrel in the most talked about scene for her role in 2010’s Winter’s Bone, (for which she was nominated). The scene was not faked, she told Rolling Stone magazine: “I should say it wasn’t real, for PETA,” she said. “But screw PETA.”

I like that woman.

Sunday, April 08, 2012

American Gloriana -- Chapter One
RIP Mike Wallace:

Here he is doing an ambush interview with the one interviewee who could have had him taken out and shot. Notice the balance between being aggressive and obsequious.

Did he ever ask anyone else he interviewed to forgive him?

Much more, no doubt, anon.
Obama Helps the Muslim Brotherhood's War on Egyptian Women
How Government Health Care Kills the Elderly

Wednesday, April 04, 2012

John Birmingham ruminates how the Australian Labour Party is tearing itself apart trying to satisfy both the greenies and the working folk. Obama and the Democrats are likely going to face that challenge sooner than they think.
Newt Gingrich Touts Fuel Cell Cars Powered by Natural Gas
Obama Attacks on Ryan Budget Plan 'Desperate and Demagogic'
Laser Cannon on Ships to Change Naval Warfare
British Scientist Joins Debate Over Human Space Exploration
Romney Sweeps GOP Primaries, Becoming More Inevitable
Has Obama Heard About Marbury v. Madison?
Glenn Reynolds says that we need more inspiring science fiction. I.e. less Hunger Games more Heinlein juveniles. I could not agree more. Then there is the recent offering below:

Fifth Circuit Court Treats Obama like a Dim Law Student
How 'Mad Men' is Being Used to Annoy Mitt Romney
P. J. O'Rourke has a caustic, sarcastic and -- sadly -- spot on assessment of the state of space politics currently.

About what Santorum would do in space the engineer said, “No idea. His people don’t know and don’t care.”

“From Romney,” the engineer said, “we’ll get a careful and thoughtful reassessment of the space program. I don’t know what will come of it. He’s so opposed to Newt that he might not be able to back down about the moon. That was pure politics, but Romney did commit himself.”

“Gingrich,” he said, “is highly educated and purely impractical. He understands the bold sweep of space policy. But, with the moon, he’s an engineering idiot. With the prizes, it won’t work.” And, the engineer added, “I have no faith in anything he says.”

If Obama is reelected, “He’ll kill the SLS,” the engineer said. “He’ll kill the manned space program. He’ll finish what he set out to do.”

Then the engineer asked me a question. “What message will it send in 2023 or so when China can put a man on the moon and we can’t put one in low Earth orbit?”

Not to offend any sensitivities, but I believe the answer is “rots of ruck.”

“Our government needs to be in space,” the engineer said. “I don’t see another tool large enough to accomplish the task. U.S. leadership​—​I look at it as job one for space policy. It’s not just the military or tech benefits and all that. People look up to the United States.”

But if these people keep looking up for long, there won’t be any United States to see among the stars.

Sunday, April 01, 2012

Keith Olbermann's Firing from Current TV Inevitable
Group Proposes Manned Expedition to Ceres
Hunting Endangered African Antelopes in Order to Preserve Them
Palin Guest Hosting 'The Today Show' Not an April Fools' Story
Ever since the news was reported about a secret meeting between Mitt Romney and Newt Gingrich in New Orleans, there has been speculation about what the subject of it was. New revelations about who else was in attendance at the meeting have brought the answer to that question into focus.

Also in attendance at the meeting were former NASA administrator Mike Griffin as well as Scott Pace and Mark Albrecht. The main subject of the meeting is the development of a Romney space policy platform, known to be in the works by a group of space experts including Griffin, Pace, and Albrecht.

Gingrich, who has all downgraded his own campaign for the presidency, proposed the construction of a lunar base before the end of the current decade. The idea was savagely attacked by Romney at the time.

There seems to now be an about face by Romney on the idea of a lunar base. Informed sources suggest that Romney will make a major space speech in Houston in advance of the Texas primary, sometime in April. It seems that those who thought that the former Massachusetts governor was opposed to space exploration may have been fooled all along.

That Gingrich seems to be involved in the crafting of this speech is of considerable interest. It means that he is angling for a position in a future Romney administration, as NASA Administrator it is speculated.

The space speech will include some ground breaking proposals.

Romney will propose that NASA’s budget be gradually doubled over the next ten years, in keeping with the suggestions being made by Neil degrasse Tyson.

He will redirect NASA back on a course for a manned lunar landing by 2019, the 50th anniversary of Apollo 11. There will be no lunar base by 2020, but one will be gradually built up over the decade of the 2020s.

Romney will propose a new Outer Space Treaty that will govern the recognition and protection of private property on celestial bodies, such as the moon. He will hold out the possibility that the United States might withdraw from the current treaty and claim the moon as American territory if other countries such as Russia or China balk.

Romney will scrap the current commercial crew program in favor of a system of tax breaks and indirect incentives to encourage commercial space development.

Romney will propose the creation of a Space Technology Institute, to be directed and funded by NASA, which will develop and test future spacecraft, using exotic propulsion methods such as nuclear rockets and nuclear powered ion engines.

Using deep space craft developed by the STI, NASA will begin deep space exploration in earnest, with expeditions to Mars, Earth approaching asteroids, and main belt asteroids. Unmanned probes would be sent to targets around the Outer Planets.