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Recap: 'Once Upon a Time,' Season 1, Episode 11, 'Fruit of the Poisonous Tree'
"Once Upon a Time," Season 1, Episode 11, "Fruit of the Poisonous Tree" contains a twist on the Genie in the lamp story in the fairy tale world and a story of the perils of investigative reporting in the real world.
Plan B to the Moon relies too much on depots, which has a lot of risks and hidden costs compared to heavy lift.
Terraforming Mars -- for Those Who Believe Gingrich is Thinking Small
Ignoring Decorum, Allen West to Liberals: 'Get the Hell Out of the United States'
Leon Panetta Commits Washington Gaffe
Republican Polls Show Romney Surge in Florida, but Not Nomination Yet
Obama's Keystone XL Decision Starts Avoidable Congressional Battle
East Texas Plant to Create Wood Pellet Fuel for the European Market
Building Newt Gingrich's Lunar Base Privately
Matthew's Day off, though alas not with Mia Sara:

Ron Paul Calls for the Abolishment of the TSA

Saturday, January 28, 2012

'Underworld: Awakening' with Kate Bekinsale -- Heavy on Action, Light on Plot
Report: Sierra Nevada's Dream Chaser Spacecraft Makes Progress
Feds Reject Texas Waiver for Medical Loss Ratio Phase-In
Lunar Base Foe Romney Endorsement by Lunar Base Supporters a Contradiction
Memories of the Challenger Explosion
Charles Krauthammer is a warm supporter of returning to the Moon. Nevertheless, he suggests that Gingrich's moon base idea is his Dukakis in the tank moment. I'm not sure that is true, but it seems to be a general perception outside aerospace circles. And perception has an irritating way of becoming reality.

Meanwhile, a a more balanced analysis from -- of all places -- the New York Times.
Palin's Swipe at Republican Establishment 'Cannibals' Part of a Strategy
The announcement of a team of aerospace heavyweights who have endorsed Romney has already caused some people to go ballistic.

Doug Messier had this to say:
The presence of Anderson and Albrecht notwithstanding, this looks like a recipe for resurrecting the full Constellation program and strangling the commercial crew effort. One also wonders whether Griffin will get his old job back.

These would not necessarily be bad things, so long as Constellation 2.0 is properly funded this time. Obama's commercial crew effort is too dependent on Solyndra-tyle subsidies to be properly called commercial.
Supporters of the Obama Administration’s space policy blame Griffin for creating the hideously expensive Constellation program, which was seriously behind schedule and over budget when Obama decided to cancel it on the grounds it couldn’t be executed.

Of course this is the same Obama who supported a $900 billion stimulus package and a health care reform law that will cost trillions. Griffin has argued that the Constellation program was undermined by Bush 43's OMB, thus causing the cost overruns and schedule slippages.
They are finding it ironic that Romney, who said he would fire anyone who proposed an expensive moon base, would be getting support from Griffin, whose own Constellation plan was completely unaffordable.

A politician taking two contradictory stances. I'm shocked, shocked. Speaking of unaffordable, that has been a criticism raised against the Gingrich moon base by 2020 plan.
Obama’s supporters blame Congress, which acted in accordance with Griffin’s advice, for resurrecting certain elements of Constellation — mostly prominently, the expensive heavy-lift Space Launch System — and underfunding the commercial crew effort. The result, they feel, is a NASA trying to do too much with too few resources that will be dependent upon Russia for human spaceflight for far too long. They don’t see that as being a space program worthy of a great nation.

Obama opponents, on the other hand, maintain that the current administration has made a mess of things with attempts to cancel space exploration and to institute a government run subsidy program for "commercial" space.
Jim Muncy, a former Gingrich staffer and current Gingrich campaign volunteer, joins in with a twitter:
So Mitt Romney is looking to Mike Griffin for space advice? I thought Mitt didn't like impractical $200billion lunar projects.

Again what did we say about apparent contradictions coming from politicians? And exactly how much will Newt Gingrich's lunar project cost?
Finally, the Space Frontier Foundation, an organization that used to believe in commercial space before it discovered the allure of government subsidies, weighs in:
“While Governor Romney stated he would like to have much more commercial space participation in his government, only 1 of the 8 people on his group is a serious and credible commercial space leader,” continued Mr. Watson. “We fear that he is already being circled and trapped by unsustainable space interests.”

One is certain that Romney would like more open support from commercial space leaders. But one wonders whether SpaceX's Elon Musk, Blue Origin's Jeff Bezos, or any of the other recipients of Obama administration largess are prepared to risk angering their government sugar daddy by endorsing any Republican. So far none of the usual suspects in "new space" have endorsed Gingrich either. Thus one sees the corrupting influence of government subsidies.

Friday, January 27, 2012

The Apollo Fire and Its Long Term Effects on NASA
Recap: 'Archer,' Season 3, “Episode 2, 'El Contador'
"Archer," Season 3, "Episode 2, "El Contador" features an operation to snatch a drug kingpin from the middle of a South American jungle in order to earn ISIS a million dollar bounty from the DEA.
Obama's Oil and Natural Gas Drilling Proposal an Election-Year Ploy
Report: Ron Paul Knew About 1990s Newsletters
Romney is attempting to trump Gingrich's moon base plan with the endorsement of a collection of aerospace wise men. I suppose they will comprise his new space commission that will figure our what Romney wants to do in space.

But what if -- as I suspect -- they recommend a moon base?

My answer: It will be a "realistic" moon base, not that crazy one that Gingrich wants.

It would almost certainly be an improvement over Obama -- almost anything would be -- but not as visionary or outside-the-box as Gingrich's approach.

Addendum: Rand Simberg is overreacting and even hinting he might rather see Obama reelected rather than see Romney president and put the Great Satan (i.e. Mike Griffin) back in power. Mind, I have never understood this notion of Griffin as the devil. But then the workings of the internet rocketeer club are often beyond comprehension.

Also, Lunar Colonies and Mitt Romney's Incredible Smallness of Vision
If looks like John McCain is the latest to join in on the pile on Newt Gingrich's moon colony idea. Of course, when he was running for president, McCain was all for going back to the Moon.

Flip flopper.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Former House Majority Leader Tom Delay Drops the Hammer on Gingrich
Looks like Jan Brewer proved that if you get the president riled because of something you wrote, then your book sales will soar. I'm pretty sure that there is nothing in Children of Apollo or The Last Moonwalker that would get his dander up, aside from the fact that they suggest that voyages to the Moon are a good thing. But maybe this will get him to break the furniture and call me names. It's an alternate history story in which Obama's mom meets and marries George W. Bush and young Barack is adopted into the Bush family.
'Touch' Starring Kiefer Sutherland Premieres on the Fox Network
The new Fox TV series "Touch," which stars Kiefer Sutherland as a harried father of an apparently autistic child, is one of the strangest shows to appear on network television. It is also one of the most confusing.
Newt Gingrich Wants American Moon Colony by End of His Second Term
Obama's Public Row with Jan Brewer Shows His Thin Skin
Was Newt Gingrich Really an Enemy of Ronald Reagan?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

I just watched Gingrich's space speech. It is very interesting in the markers he lays down (a Moon base by the end of the second term) and one benefit he envisions for his prize competition scheme. Mind, the Mars Prize is now down to $10 billion, albeit tax free, which causes some pause.

Much more anon

Addendum: Newt Gingrich Promises the Moon
Ron Paul Snags Some Celebrity Endorsements
The Capital Gains Tax Controversy -- to Be Fair or to Aid Investment?
Are Foods Fried with Olive Oil Healthy?
Navy SEALs Rescue Aid Workers in Somalia
Recap: 'Justified,' Season 3, Episode 2, 'Cut Ties'
"Justified," Season 3, Episode 2, "Cut Ties," features the introduction of a new character and the return of a beloved old Elmore Leonard character played, once again, by the incomparable Carla Gugino.
Paul Spudis applauds Newt Gingrich's enthusiasm for space, but finds his prize competition concept wide of reality.
Obama is from the Government and is Here to Help Us
NASA Managers Mull Mission to Mars

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Recap: 'House M.D.,' Season 8, Episode 9, 'Better Half'
The unfortunate patient in "House M.D.," Season 8, Episode 9, "Better Half" is a man named Andres who is suffering from Alzheimer's. He has a long suffering young wife named Natalie and, most alarmingly, starts to cough up blood.
A larger piece in Politico about Gingrich and Freddie Mac has this interesting tid bit:
Later that month, Gingrich also gave a “feature interview” that appeared on Freddie Mac’s website providing an extensive Q&A where the former Speaker of the House defended the government-sponsored enterprise model, according to a copy obtained by POLITICO.

Gingrich went so far as to say that “I’m convinced that if NASA were a GSE, we probably would be on Mars today.”

Somehow I doubt that Gingrich will suggest in his speech tomorrow that we need to make NASA just like Freddie Mac. One can say a lot of things about the space agency, but helping to cause the collapse of the economy is not one of them.
Recap: 'Alcatraz,' Season 1, Episode 3, 'Kit Nelson'
"Alcatraz," Season 1, Episode 3, "Kit Nelson" concerns a child murderer of the same name who was condemned to Alcatraz in the late 1950s and who is now in the present day setting about his grisly work.
GOP Debate Features a Wrangle About Gingrich and Freddie Mac
Texans Battle Over Brazos River Water
Obama Used the Deficit as Excuse to End NASA Space Exploration Program
Sarah Palin Rebukes Chris Christie, Showing Her Power and Influence
Illinois Sen. Mark Kirk Faces Long Rehab from Stroke
Fred Thompson Brings Celebrity Glamour to Gingrich Endorsement
Romney and Gingrich Discuss the Space Program at Tampa Debate
Will Obama Mention Space in the State of the Union?

Sunday, January 22, 2012

This is very interesting.
“I’ll be at the space coast in Florida this week giving a speech — a visionary speech — on the United States going back into space in the John F. Kennedy tradition,” the former House Speaker said on C-SPAN’s “Washington Journal.”

I've had some reservations in the past about Gingrich's approach to space in recent years. But one cannot fault the idea that he cares about the issue with passion and, if he were to become president, it would be more than just a box to check off or something that has to be dealt with as little as possible. If he can put together a vision that is both exciting and doable, he might just change the course of history.
Gingrich's Victory -- and the Two Women to Whom He Owes It
USS Enterprise Headed for Persian Gulf as Oil Prices Soar
NASA Explores 3D Printing to Build Houses on the Moon
The David Dewhurst vs. Ted Cruz Senate Race -- the State of Play
In Defense of Paula Deen
I have to admit that Paula Deen is one of my favorites on the Food Network, along with (and for different reasons) Gaida de Laurentis, Bobby Flay, and the incomparable Guy Fieri. So when I heard she had type 2 diabetes, I was all sympathy.
Gabrielle Giffords' Decision to Resign the Right One
According to the Arizona Daily Star, Rep. Gabrielle Giffords plans to step down from Congress next week to focus on her recovery. While some might argue that the decision was taken months too late, it is nevertheless the right one.

Friday, January 20, 2012

Russia Mulling Joint Lunar Base with NASA, Europe
Gingrich Rips CNN's John King Over 'Open Marriage' Debate Question
Will the Fury of a Woman Scorned Sink Gingrich's Presidential Chances?
Rick Perry Looks to the Future
Chuck Norris just endorsed Gingrich.

I guess Obama should just concede now.
The French Are Planning a 'Napoleonland' Theme Park; Comme C'est Bizarre!
A report in the UK Telegraph covers a planned theme park that only the French could envision. In effect the park would be "Napoleonland," celebrating the life and achievements of France's greatest conqueror.
Recap: 'Archer,' Season 3, Episode 1, 'The Man from Jupiter'
"Archer," Season 3, Episode 1, "The Man from Jupiter," sees our favorite clueless secret agent stumbling badly in trying to pick up a woman from a bar. Note: Never say to a woman that her friend is "the hot one" when trying to seduce both of them.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Japan Investigating Fusion Power as Alternative to Nuclear
'Alcatraz,' a Mystery TV Show About Another Island, Premieres
"Alcatraz," which premiered Monday night with two back to back episodes, has got to be one of the stranger television series on the air. That is befitting for its creator, J.J. Abrams, who brought us "Lost" among other things.
Iranian Student and Activist Murdered in Houston's Galleria Area
Iran Declaring Barbie to Be an Enemy of Islam Caused by Shame Culture
NASA's LAMP Finds More Lunar Ice at the Bottom of Craters
Right to Work Controversy in Indiana
Phobos-Grunt Falls into the Pacific; Russians Blame America

Addendum: Jim Oberg weighs in.
Gingrich at the South Carolina Debate: He Came, He Saw, He Conquered


Gingrich Wins, Paul Loses, Romney Survives

Sunday, January 15, 2012

Paul Spudis has some cogient thoughts on the long term Chinese lunar threat.
The real cause for concern is not a Chinese presence in cislunar space or on the Moon, but our absence from it. Although much has been made of China’s purported movement toward capitalism in recent decades, they still possess an authoritarian political system, one with scant regard for the rule of contract law, copyright, private property and western notions of free market dynamics. Although some may not care whether China conquers the Moon, if they are the only ones on the Moon, they will determine what operational regime and legal template will prevail there. Advocates of “commercial space” might do well to carefully consider such a scenario – commercial companies are incorporated under national auspices on Earth, pay taxes to terrestrial governments, and are subject to the laws of the country in which they are based. They will not be free agents either in space or on the Moon.

Read the whole thing.

Addendum: Prominent American Scientist Warns About Chinese Moon Effort

Dallas Pastor Conducts 'Bed In' to Publicize 'Sexperiment' Book
Newt Gingrich Makes Space an Issue in the Florida Primary
Joke Super PAC Accuses Romney of Being a Serial Killer
Should Obama Be Impeached for Illegal Recess Appointments?

Saturday, January 14, 2012

Pentagon Gets 'Wee Weed Up' Over Marine Urination Video
Democrats Prefer Celebrities, Republicans Statesmen for Political Endorsements
Private Space Traveler Richard Garriott to Release Documentary
John Bolton Gives Mitts Romney Conservative Foreign Policy Credibility
Social Conservatives Meet in Austin to Mull Republican Candidates
'The Iron Lady,' Starring Meryl Streep and Jim Broadbent, a Review
The thing that prevented "The Iron Lady" from being a great biop was the device of depicting Lady Margaret Thatcher as a doddering old lady carrying on conversations with her dead husband, Denis.
Obama's Government Consolidation Plan an Election Year Ploy
Proving that the prospect of losing re-election can focus the mind, President Barack Obama has announced a new government efficiency effort that would consolidate a number of functions dispersed across the U.S. government.
Turning Around the U.S. Could Be Romney's Greatest Undertaking
A recent Wall Street Journal article attempts to answer the question: Are private equity firms like Bain Capital examples of "vulture capitalism" whose modus operandi is to destroy private businesses for profit or are they a necessary part of economic growth?

Friday, January 13, 2012

Gingrich: Romney Speaks French, Just like John Kerry
NASA Releases High-Resolution Project Gemini Photos
Ron Paul's Role at the Republican National Convention -- If He Does Well
Head Start Doesn't Work, Time to Shut it Down
Head Start, a Johnson era program, was like all liberal social welfare programs started with great intentions. Head Start is meant to provide social, health, and educational services for children on poverty in order to enhance their academic achievement.
Recap: 'The Finder,' Season 1, Episode 1, 'An Orphan Walks into a Bar'
"The Finder," Season 1, Episode 1, "An Orphan Walks into a Bar" begins with Walter Sherman, the title character, finding the guitar of one John Fogerty, a famous old rocker who composed the theme song for the series.
James O'Keefe Sees Dead People Voting in New Hampshire
New Hampshire does not discriminate against dead voters nor does it require a photo ID for voting purposes. Guerilla film maker James O'Keefe took advantage of both facts for his latest sting operation, according to the Daily Caller.
Recap: 'Bones,' Season 7, Episode 6, 'The Crack in the Code'
"Bones," Season 7, Episode 6, "The Crack in the Code" begins with a skull and an unusually rearranged spine set at the feet of a statue of Abraham Lincoln. Written in blood on Mr. Lincoln are the words, "Where is the rest of me?"

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

NASA Mulls Missions to Earth-Moon Lagrange Points
North Koreans Punished for Being Insufficently Sad at the Death of Kim Jong Il
According to Fox Chicago News, the North Korean government is punishing people with a six-month stretch in a labor camp for not sufficiently mourning the late dictator Kim Jong Il. This is an acting critique on a whole new level.
Covert War in Iran Heats Up with Execution of Nuclear Scientist
Texas Gov. Rick Perry Hits Mitt Romney from the Left
Gingrich Too Late in Reconsidering Attacks on Romney's Business Practices
Prompted by Dean Glossop, an Army Reservist who approached him at a public appearance in South Carolina, former House Speaker Newt Gingrich has admitted that his attacks on Mitt Romney for his practices at Bain Capital were a mistake.
DNC's Debbie Wasserman Schultz Uncivil for Blaming the Tea Party for Giffords Shooting
Rep. Debbie Wasserman Schultz, the chair of the Democratic National Committee, blamed the tea party for the shooting of Rep, Gabrielle Giffords, according to the Washington Examiner. She made this charge during a broadcast on C-Span2.
Mitt Romney Savors His Victory in New Hampshire

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Matthis Chiroux decides to provide an update to one of the most racist, evil songs in history, "Whitey on the Moon."
Media Reaction to Chinese Moon Plans Varied

Addendum: Rand Simberg responds with a don't worry, be happy article. There is a ton of misinformation, including willful ignorance of modern thinking about the strategic importance of the moon.

The biggest howler is this:

U.S. military planners have been spending decades trying to come up with a justification for a military man in space (I did a stint of it myself in the early eighties at the Aerospace Corporation, and later at Rockwell when we were trying to sell the Air Force a “blue” Shuttle orbiter), and have not been able to do so, at least at current launch costs. If we can’t find military utility for earth orbit missions, how much less relevant is putting a base on the moon.

Actually the military has been operating in LEO for decades, not just with humans (with the exception of dedicated military shuttle flights that took place pre-Challenger.) In any case Simberg is referring to efforts he made about 25 years ago. Technology and doctrine can and does change as the years pass. Robert Launius suggests that we'll see soldiers in space as the High Frontier becomes settled. After all, that lunar mining colony that Mitt Romney finds so zany will need some protection.

The Dark and Angry Campaign of Ron Paul
Vermin Supreme Latest Joke Presidential Candidate
Firing People is Very Presidential
When Mitt Romney stated that he "liked being able to fire people" the Democrats pounced, according to CNS News. But even Newt Gingrich, who has been pounding on Romney for being a heartless capitalist, sprung to his defense.
Rapper Snoop Dogg Arrested on Marijuana Charge in Sierra Blanco, Texas
Fear and Loathing on the Campaign Trail
NASA Innovative Advanced Concepts Program Revised
Why was J.R.R. Tolkien Denied a Nobel Prize for Literature?
While the selections for the Nobel Peace Prize have occasionally caused outrage, some of those who are given -- and more importantly not given -- the Nobel Prize for Literature have occasioned head-scratching on the part of people who like to read.

Monday, January 09, 2012

Speculation Rises on Rick Perry as Vice President
Todd Palin Endorses Newt Gingrich; Sarah Palin Still Mum
The Race in New Hampshire is for Second Place
Kim Jong Un Moves to Consolidate Power in North Korea
Palin: Romney's Greatest Strength is Also His Greatest Weakness
George Stephanopoulos Obsesses About Contraception at Republican Debate
Gabrielle Giffords Leads the Pledge of Allegiance at Shooting Memorial
Recap: 'Once Upon a Time,' Season 1, Episode 8, 'Desperate Souls'
"Once Upon a Time," Season 1, Episode 8, "Desperate Souls," begins in the quaint town of Storybrook with the aftermath of the death of Sheriff Graham. In the fairy tale world, we find a shepherd named Rumplestiltskin.
'House of Lies,' Season 1, Episode 1, 'Gods of Dangerous Financial'
In "House of Lies," Season 1, Episode 1, "Gods of Dangerous Financial," Don Cheadle plays Marty Kaan, a ruthless, dishonest, amoral management consultant who is paid a lot of money to offer advice to companies whether they need it or not.
Tony Blankley, Actor, Pundit, Political Adviser, Dies at 63
Tony Blankley, actor, newspaper columnist and editor, prosecutor, and political adviser, has died at the age of 63 from stomach cancer, according to the Washington Times.

Sunday, January 08, 2012

Stephen Hawking: Colonize Space or End the Human Race
Obamas' 'Alice in Wonderland' Halloween Party Shows Epic Tone Deafness
Will Benedict Cumberbatch Play Harry Mudd in the Next 'Star Trek' Film?
Recently it was reported that Benedict Cumberbatch has been cast in a role in the upcoming sequel to J.J. Abrams' "Star Trek" film reboot. Aintitcool speculates that he may be playing none other than Harry Mudd.
Ron Paul Referred to the Gaza Strip as a 'Concentration Camp'

Addendum: It looks like a number of Paul supporters are urging people to log into Amazon and upload malicious, false reviews of my work there. That is very pitiful and petty.

Addendum 2: It's escalating. One person has left a comment offering to find personal information on me and post it. Looks like I'm to be a target for cyber terror.
GOP Debate -- Contraception, Chicken Hawks and Anti-Christian Bigotry

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Friday, January 06, 2012

Could Habitable Moons Orbit Extra-Solar Gas Giants?
Romney 'Crony Capitalism' Charge Shows Palin Influence
Obama Defense Cuts May Fall Heaviest on Texas
Oklahoma Woman Shoots Home Invader Dead, Should Be Mother of the Year
If anyone deserves the award of Mother of the Year, it is Sarah Dawn McKinley of Blanchard, Okla. She proved why there is a 2nd Amendment to the Constitution when she defended herself and her baby from two intruders.
Will a Third-Generation Kennedy Run for the Barney Frank House Seat?
With Barney Frank finally leaving Congress for a well-deserved retirement, Democrats are casting around for a replacement. They think they have found a familiar name in Joseph Kennedy III, according to the Boston Herald.
Romney, Santorum Surges in South Carolina Set Up Two-Man Race
Two recent polls taken in South Carolina have some good news for Rick Santorum and Mitt Romney, and not so good news for Newt Gingrich, provided that one thinks that the latter is still actually running for president.
U.S. Navy's Rescue of Iranian Sailors Fraught with Irony
An incident in the Arabian Sea demonstrated how the current confrontation between the United States Navy and the Islamic Republic of Iran over access to international waters is fraught with irony.
Jesse Ventura Baits a Navy SEAL -- Then Wishes He Hadn't
Chris Kyle is considered the most deadly sniper in American history, with 150 certified kills during the current war. But he is likely most famous for a man he did not kill, yet was obliged to put on the deck -- former governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura.
Timeline: Gabrielle Giffords Shooting and Recovery


Factbox: Gabrielle Giffords Shooting, One Year Later

Thursday, January 05, 2012

Orbital Sciences Prepares Cygnus for Cargo Flights to the ISS
History of Winners of the Republican New Hampshire Primary
Rick Perry Prepares for a Last Stand in South Carolina
Will Rick Santorum's Bounce Win Him the Presidency?
Obama Violates Constitution with Phony 'Recess Appointments'
Has Gingrich Given Up the Presidency to Be Kingmaker for Santorum?
As the New Hampshire primary draws nigh, Newt Gingrich continues his assault against Mitt Romney. First, according to Hot Air, Gingrich placed a full page ad in the Manchester Union-Leader comparing Romney to himself unfavorably.
Obama Defense Cuts Profoundly Risky
The good news about the new Obama defense strategy, as reported by Reuters, is that it reorients American defense posture toward Asia and the Pacific. This is in response to the rising power of China and its drive to world dominance.
Obama Changes Middle East Policy with Joint U.S./Israel Anti-Missile Exercise
A report in the Jerusalem Post of a joint missile defense exercise involving the United States and the State of Israel suggests that the Obama administration is finally taking the possibility of a general war in the Middle East seriously.
'Da Vinci's Demons' to Make Famous Renaissance Man an Action Hero
Leonardo Da Vinci has been the subject of speculative films and books for years, particularly "The Da Vinci Code," a best-selling book that became a hit movie series starring Tom Hanks. Now we should be prepared for a Da Vinci TV series.
Shale Gas Revolution to Bring About Big Changes in U.S. Economy
American politicians have a conundrum involving energy policy. It is a problem, so called, that was quite unexpected just a year or so ago. Simply put, how much natural gas should the United States export?

Wednesday, January 04, 2012

Ron Paul's Third-Place Showing in Iowa Disappointing to His Supporters
The Year 2012 in Space Tourism
Iowa Results Prove to Be Muddled
Newt Gingrich: No More Mr. Nice Guy
Bill Maher Sitting in a Tree -- Tebowing
Bill Maher, a so-called comedian who infests HBO most Friday nights in his show of political rant and offensive dialogue, "Real Time," has a new obsession now that Sarah Palin has declined to run for president.
McCain's Endorsement May Hurt Romney
According to the New York Times, none other than Senator John McCain has endorsed Mitt Romney, his rival for the nomination in 2008, for president. Romney may be wise not to advertise that endorsement too much.
Barack Obama of Mars
Wired, of all places, has a story relating one of the strangest and most entertaining conspiracy theories of all time. It seems that 19 year old Barack Obama was part of a top secret CIA project to teleport people to the planet Mars.
What About Rick Santorum, Anyway?
With former Senator Rick Santorum the current front-runner to be the great right hope against Mitt Romney, it might be a useful exercise to find out what he proposes to do as president. Fortunately he has laid that out in detail.
Michele Bachmann Ends Her Presidential Campaign, Not Her Political Career
Rep. Michele Bachmann, having listened to the judgment of the voters of Iowa, not to mention the gentle suggestion from her erstwhile political ally Sarah Palin, has suspended her campaign, effectively ending her quest for the presidency, according to ABC News.
Iranian Threats to United States Navy Needs Answering
According to MSNBC, the Iranian government has warned the United States not to send an aircraft carrier into the Persian Gulf again and has emphasized that it will not repeat what it regards as a warning.
Cindy Sheehan's Tax Evasion Gambit a Futile Gesture
With all American troops out of Iraq, one would have thought that Cindy Sheehan, the woman whose son's death in that country launched a dubious career of political activism, would at last have been content to mourn in peace.

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

How Past New Hampshire Primaries Turned Out
The Exoskeleton Will Make the Wheelchair Obsolete
A piece in IEEE Spectrum describes a technological innovation that will revolutionize how the mobility challenged are able to move about. It is an exoskeleton and promises to make the wheelchair as obsolete as the iron lung and the ear trumpet.
Sarah Palin's Payback Against Michele Bachmann
Sarah Palin, in an interview on Fox News, may have taken the wounded body of the Michele Bachmann campaign and shot it in the head. Considering Bachmann's standing in the polls going into Iowa, it can be seen as a mercy killing.
Steven Spielberg's 'War Horse' - a Film Review
There are only two ways to approach Steven Spielberg's "War Horse," depending on whether one is sentimental about animals or not. This is by deliberate design by the great director who does not use half measures when eliciting emotions.
Houston Priest to Head Outreach Organization for Anglican Converts
The Iowa Caucuses: The End of the Beginning
The main virtue of the Iowa Caucus is not that it chooses the eventual nominee for president. Just ask President Mike Huckabee, who won in 2008 and then was killed in subsequent contests. Its purpose is to winnow the weak out of the field.
Alan Colmes Makes Opening Shot Against Rick Santorum
Predictions for 2012
NASA Moves to Debunk 2012 Mayan Doomsday Predictions