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Friday, December 21, 2012

Now some crazy person wants President Obama to withdraw from the Outer Space Treaty and claim the moon as sovereign American territory.

Addendum: The 'Claim the Moon' White House Petition - Why I Did It

Addendum 2: Rand Simberg, whose own ill-considered space property rights proposal was such an embarrassment, screams and leaps.

Addendum 3: Bob Zimmerman is much more supportive.


After the Mayan Apocalypse, the next end of the world draws nigh

For your listening pleasure...

Skylab II: A NASA 'Back to the Future' Concept to Open Up Space Exploration
'Tar Sands Blockade' Thus Far Ineffective in Efforts to Stop Keystone XL Pipeline
'Burn Notice' Season Six Ends: The Day the Running Stopped
The Mayan Apocalypse was Fun While it Lasted
Fiscal Cliff 'Plan B' Bill Collapse Shows Incompetence of Political Class

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NASA releases an after the Mayan Apocalypse video early
Former congressman proposes that NASA sell naming rights to space craft
For your edification, the complete 1980s miniseries "Amerika" which depicted the United States under Soviet occupation. It was, to say the least, controversial and has not be aired since. But it is now apparently available in 13 parts thanks to YouTube. The series starred Kris Kristofferson as a John Kerry like Senator who is put in the American Gulag and Sam Neil as a somewhat sympathetic KGB agent.
Democrats Belatedly Discover that Medical Device Tax Kills Jobs
Union Mob Violence Over Michigan Right to Work Shows Double Standard

Monday, December 10, 2012

Proof positive that Sarah Palin still terrifies the left, coming for 2013, an alternate history novel called "Christian Nation." Here is the blurb:

“They said what they would do, and we did not listen. Then they did what they said they would do.”

So ends the first chapter of this brilliantly readable counterfactual novel, reminding us that America’s Christian fundamentalists have been consistently clear about their vision for a “Christian Nation” and dead serious about acquiring the political power to achieve it. When President McCain dies and Sarah Palin becomes president, the reader, along with the nation, stumbles down a terrifyingly credible path toward theocracy, realizing too late that the Christian right meant precisely what it said.

One is chillingly reminded of the persecution of non Christians that occurred in Alaska when Palin was that state's governor...oh, wait a minute. That didn't happen. In any case, it is hard not to laugh at such fancies when one is living in a real life dystopia run by left wingers.

Sierra Nevada Prepares for Flight Tests of Lift Body Dream Chaser Spacecraft
Texas Gov. Rick Perry Speaks His Mind on Obamacare

Ayn Rand's John Galt as a secular Jesus Christ?

Manipulating the Tax Withholding Rates May Be a Disaster for the Obama White House
Jamie Foxx's 'Kill All the White People' Statement Unsetttling
NASA: the world will not end on December 21, despite Mayan calendar
Ron Paul Joins Dennis Kucinich to Demand Obama Drone Documents
Sir Patrick Moore, Astronomer, Author, Host of 'The Sky at Night,' Dead at 89
Why Hillary Clinton Should Not Run in 2016
Bill Maher Hates ... Andy Williams?
Jim DeMint's Leaving the Senate May Benefit Ted Cruz
Petition to Build a 'Death Star' May Not Be so Fanciful After All
Obama Cracking Down on Legal Pot Smoking Shows Typical Political Hypocrisy
Here's Hoping George Zimmerman Takes NBC to the Cleaners

Saturday, December 08, 2012

Now some libs think that Obama might "cave," though it seems to be a unique definition of the term.
A movie based on the life of Arminius, the German warlord who ambushed three Roman legions and thus destroyed the Roman Empire's power in Germany beyond the Rhine is now in development. It is said to be kind of like "Braveheart," but with legionaries instead of English knights.

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My call for a new tea party uprising is starting to bear fruit
Opposition to Obamacare fueled the Tea Party wave of 2009-2010. The next wave will include continued opposition to Obamacare, along with other fiscal issues, The Tea Party tsunami at the gates. The fight over Obamacare as a law ended when Chief Justice John Roberts enganged in mental gymnastics to uphold the law under Congress’ taxing authority, and then again when Obama’s reelection removed any possibility of complete repeal. The fight over Obamacare now is over implementation. There are inherent problems in the law itself which will raise popular ire, but the battle now is over exchanges and other aspects of implementation. One of the first orders up is whether states will implement the Obamacare exchanges, or let it default to the federal government, which will have a difficult time doing so. Only 13 states have taken steps to set up the exchanges, and 17 state governors have declared an intention not to set up exchanges. One state where there is a disconnect between the population and the governor is Tennessee, where Governor Bill Haslam is wavering. The Lt. Governor has come out against implementation. In response, a variety of groups led by local Tea Party organizations are organizing rallies for December 5,
Golden Spike Co. may announce private lunar expedition at December 6 event
Engine breakthrough by British company points the way to single stage to orbit